I think I’m in love

With this guy.

He’s a “Highland Tiger,” that is, a Scottish wildcat.
(Imagine. perhaps, a wee kilt on him?)
Found here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/6255912.stm

Has his own website too: http://www.scottishwildcats.co.uk/

Actually, it reminds of a time, many years ago, when Tom and I went to the San Diego Zoo.
And among the “lesser cats’ there was a small cage with what looked pretty much like a slightly disgruntled tabby, labeled “Geoffrey’s Cat.”
We decided maybe “Geoffrey” worked there, and brought in his cat every morning.

This fellow, though, has quite a tail on him.
And his own website too.

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17 responses to this post.

  1. I know about these guys…beautiful!


  2. A rare and beautiful animal. It's a real struggle to keep domestic cats from inter-breeding with them. Scotland seems to have become aware of their uniqueness.


  3. Och! With a wee face like Sean Connery himself!


  4. Royal Mail has just issued stamps including the wild cat, story here


  5. How gorgeous! We so rarely get to see that truly "wild" look in an animal's eyes–it gives me delighted chills.The "tabby" markings make me wonder if they've already interbred with domestic cats. But I haven't read the article yet…


  6. He sure is a cutie. Looks an awful lot like my tabby, Stripe. You made me curious about the Geoffrey's cat so I had to google it to see a picture. Even though it is from South America it looks a lot like the Highland Tiger.Geoffrey's kitten


  7. He is so beautiful! The slide show of the cats on their website is just stunning!I am so glad there are people working to save them!


  8. Geoffrey's Kitten!!!!!ooooooo


  9. The Royal Mail obviously utterly rocks.(Or at least knows how to choose a perfect stamp subject.)


  10. Now you have me wondering whether Sean Connery has a soft furry tummy with stripes.


  11. Yay, He caught my eye on the BBC this morning. But I still can't see what it is the li'l highland tiger's got a hold of up in that tree???Such a beauty… I think I have a close relative or a central american
    cousin living in the house… just having his mad half hour…


  12. Squee! Muah huh haaa!


  13. It might be a Roast Pheasant with Whiskey Cumberland Sauce.


  14. Could be.He had to get him that squooshy tummy somehow.


  15. I saw hims on the Beeb yesterday too. But not IRL.T-I-single guh -ER


  16. I shall have to snatch one of their kittens and bring you one. (kidding)


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