Haven’t been around much lately….

Because life keeps interrupting.

There's been marathon paperwork shuffling.
Olympic level, really – winding up family estates and trusts and setting up a trust for other family.
And doing taxes.
Our taxes and estate taxes and trust taxes.

And applying for financial aid for Sair next year.

We briefly lost our Cobra coverage and had to do masses of paperwork and yelling and such to get it back.
Did get it back but remain nervous.

In the course of all the research/paperwork and all managed to uncover advertising for Not-Our-Cobra-Management-Company-But-The-Other-Identical One.
Advertising to employers.
Promising to get rid of 20% of their COBRA claimants for them.
Which I think explains why the notification, billing, check handling and such are all handled so very sloppily.

But luckily Tom's university human resource people were on our side, which is basically why it's back.

And to add to the suspense of it all, the way I found out we were dropped was by going to the emergency room.
I had been walking around the car in the driveway, past where the neighbor lady throws the dead palm fronds into our yard when she gardens.
And I thought I stepped over one, but instead – I thought – scraped my foot on it.
Checked later, cos it hurt, and discovered I wasn't bleeding because it was a splinter.
So I spent the next four hours trying to get it out, and couldn't budge it.
And it really hurt.

So I apologetically took it to the emergency room where they pulled out a two-inch hunk of tree.
And since I hadn't had a tetanus shot since – UM – 1963, they thought I should have one.
But I promised to come back Monday for it because I'd simply had enough needles with the novocaine and the antibiotic.
But when I picked up the pills (more antibiotic) the guy pointed out my kaiser card was defunct.
So I spent the two weeks of COBRA hassle also watching for signs of lockjaw.

But all is well, I am tetanus shot, and antibioticed.
(First of those for a couple of decades too – Hello yeast infection!)
But am again health insured and continued coverage and no pre-existing conditions and all.

So things can calm down again.

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5 responses to this post.

  1. I feel your pain, though not the foot part. But ALL the rest of it.We need to get together sometime late this month or early next, have a cuppa, talk about kittehs.


  2. I recently started new insurance and WHAT a hassle. I've never experienced so much trouble getting prescriptions filled. The company that does the pharmacy benefits has refused to fill a number of everyday run-of-the-mill prescriptions without prior approvals from our doctors. Hours worth of phone calls….waiting, waiting and more phone calls.


  3. Sounds like a great idea.Early next month might work… the end of this month I am off learning to census.Oh joy.But they say mostly evenings and weekends, except for four all-day training days, the end of this month.Which is why next month…


  4. Sounds painful! Here's to COBRA and the American health care system…NOT. Glad you are okay. I love NHS. No paperwork. Practically. I did have to fill out a wee form for a cervical smear. Name, address, age.


  5. That all sounds like such a pain in the arse..I know the NHS is far from perfect but it is nice to just go to the doctor and get a prescritption without having to worry abnout cards and insurance.


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