It started off simply a little strange.

There I would be with my favorite snack – peanut butter and raspberry jelly on a whole grain English muffin.
With some plain soy milk on the side.
But it seemed every time I started, Wolfie would start harassing me.
So I'd take a break, and see if he needed some kind of a treat or attention.
I can be a bit slow.
Took me months to realize he was after my peanut butter.
Odd, but okay.
So I started giving him a little dab of peanut butter on a saucer, to buy him off and let me finish in peace.

Which was all fine.
Until I bought some peanuts, unsalted and in the shells.
And, oops, there was Wolfie in my face.
He started off just stealing stray shells, but then he tracked down the nuts.
So, okay, now we share peanuts.

Then I'd bought some pumpkin seeds.
They're out of the bulk bins, so they are just in a plastic bag.
He now comes running if he hears the bag rustle.
Oh, and sunflower seeds too.
He's completely mad for all of them.

Can he hurt himself with these?
Could it be some weird dietary deficiency?
What is up with this cat?

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12 responses to this post.

  1. He is merely a gastronomically wise cat.
    I love sunflower seeds and peanuts and peanut butter too.
    May I have the leftovers?


  2. Lol, he's actually a squirrel.


  3. Thats something we don't do here – peanut butter and jelly. Never heard of anyone eating it.
    Funny with the cat though – especially sunflower seeds, you woner how they could even chew them! My cat used to love vegemite, would lick it from your fingers.


  4. LOL! What a great cat!


  5. He is a KITTY.TK occasionally likes himself a bit of peanut; haven't tried him on the others.You could Google, but I doubt it'll hurt him. He probably likes the crunch. And that it's people food.


  6. Dunno, we used to have a cat that ate onions, so go figure…


  7. Lol, I had a cat who loved cole slaw and when you gave her some, she would growl while she ate it.


  8. Reminds me of my friend's cat. You could sit there and pet her while she ate, but she would growl while she did so. It sounded like she was growling "Nummy Num Num" LOL


  9. Awwww.We had a rather portly tabbyboy.He used to purr loudly at his food.He'd purr if he saw you eating too, being a sweetie.


  10. Awwww. That is so funny!
    I'm very late to this, but I don't think peanuts or peanuts butter will hurt the dewd. Isn't it strange what some people/cats like?


  11. And they make him so very happy.


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