Just wondering

Why the all those commercials they keep running, thanking people for buying cars,
All the "how happy I am I bought a car" regular people, are all women?
Is there something especially reassuring about women buying cars?

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  1. I think they do that because of the whole "Car dealers treat women like they are stupid" stereotype. They show these comercials where the women appear to have had a possitive experience they'd recomend to a friend to show ladies that: "Hey, we're SAFE and friendly to buy cars from!" It's probably a demographic they are trying to tap into.


  2. Well, obviously all men love cars, so the person you REALLY have to convince is the old lady.


  3. Ah, the advertising industry and their opinion of women. I did a paper on it in undergrad in a sociology class. How women are in the background or lower down than the man if they are both in a photo advert. How it is exceptional in a tv advert if the man is washing dishes or ironing. It was so easy, all I had to do was tape two hours of tv in the evening and edit out the programmes. And buy some magazines and cut out the adverts. The tv advert for a exercise machine showed the man working out in a top and long pants, but the woman had on a bra top and very short shorts. And you could hear her panting, but not him.


  4. Ha ha ha…good answer!


  5. Just once I'd like to buy a car without feeling I was dealing with a scurvy dog that was ripping me off. But trust me, they'd rather deal with me than the Mrs!


  6. omg – I haven't seen these commercials (because I don't get tv reception.) But lauowolf, did you ever see the movie "Dave"?? (with Kevin Kline?) One of the ways he figures out how to cut our federal budget (he's pretending to be the president…) is to cut out the program they have to convince car buyers that they bought a good (US made) car and make them feel good about their purchase. And now there actually IS something like that. – weird!


  7. Life imitating the movies… unsettling.


  8. Great observation, Lauwolf. I'm with Mooncat on this one – it's the whole "help me, I'm a woman" scenario. Where would we helpless broads be without those wonderful car hacks to sell us overpriced vehicles…..


  9. That's funny, now I'm curious to watch ads to find the discrepancies.


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