Why to teach your kid Latin

Because then, when she's taking Archaeology 1 and looking at animal bones, she can come up with:

"Lupus isn't the same thing as lepus.
It isn't hungry like a rabbit.
Besides, don't you watch House? It's never lupus."

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12 responses to this post.

  1. Latin non-sequiturs. There's nothing better.


  2. that's funny. in a twisted wayI've lost count how often I've been told by medical personnel "it has to be lupus".no it isn't. I've been checked for the antibodies. thrice. had the lung scans. had the skin tests.we don't know what it is, but definitely not lupus.


  3. awesome. I've been brushing up on my Latin of late.she's too young to remember the giant-bunny horror movie "Night of the Lepus".


  4. Oh no she isn't!We have personally guided her through pretty much the entire corpus of scifi B-movies.That's really a particularly bad one.(I blame MSTK)


  5. Maybe hungry like a fox instead?!


  6. I watched Night of the Lepus too! That would be a good movie to watch snuggled up with the Miao Bros.I for one am grateful that my parents taught me Latin when I was homeschooled.


  7. "Besides, don't you watch House? It's never lupus." LOL!And if she ever learns Spanish, it will help.


  8. LOL! my boyfriend finds that his Latin comes in most handy at Pub Quiz.


  9. ROFLMAO!!! I love it!.


  10. I knew you were a great mom.


  11. Actually, she's a great kid.From the outside it looks like the same thing.


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