Here are the Feral Brothers, Toby and Loper

First Loper, the tuxie boy, then Toby the tabby guy started hanging about swiping food.
They are complete ferals.
After a year of feeding they allow me to put down the food without bothering to run off.
And Loper lets me touch him.
He thinks I'm weird to want to.

There is, I think, a third brother who is orange, but he is even more shy than these two.
And these two don't so much like him coming round, so I see less of him.
I think another of my neighbors feeds them too.
They get food on the porch any time they turn up, and have thermal kitty beds on the porch chairs.
Loper occasionally sneaks in the cat door, but considers it hazardous.
Though our cats have no issues with them at all.

I'm thinking of getting organized to get them all neutered, vaccinated, and the like, but I worry about scaring them off.
May see if the  local feral people would trade tasks.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Thats's a fantastic idea to work with the local feral people so the cats don't associate the capture and surgery with you.


  2. I agree with LB. And good work!


  3. lol, another crazy cat lady – good for you 🙂


  4. Hooray for the brothers! They have peeps who care! 😀
    Makes my day~!


  5. Definitely good to get them fixed, without scaring them.Loper is kinda more cowkitty than tuxie. Love Toby's spotty spots.


  6. Yes, Loper is more of a spotted cat.Getting them fixed is on the list, there have just been a lot of other cat and people) emergencies getting in the way.Toby is one good looking boy.But then I may be a bit partial to tabbies.


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