Because anything can be a moral failing

Snowy was waxing philosophical about dish washing.
(Which makes sense, that being a contemplative sort of activity.)
And it reminded me of the oldest family story I know.

My mother told it to me , and she said it was told to her by her grandmother, on the Jensen side.
Her grandmother, back in Denmark, had been orphaned in an epidemic.
A number of children had lost their families, and were raised together as orphans by the state (the queen (?)), and married off appropriately to each other.
Her upbringing had been very pious.

One night at dinner her mother was washing the silverware at the table.
Because, apparently, the lady of the house washed it at the table and locked it safely away.
Presumably this kept the spoons from wandering off, or getting tarnished.
But her mother apparently was washing it wrong, concentrating only on the visibly dirty parts.
So her scary little old grandmother piped up:
“In what way have the handles sinned, that they too are not to be made clean?”

I always figured this kind of thing was why my mom just slept in on Sundays.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Ba ha ha!How very Monty Python.


  2. Your mom had it right. As did the one who wasn't wasting her time and effort washing the clean parts.


  3. Oh I love that! MIL says that her grandmother used to say "don't forget to look behind you girls, the dishes won't run away!" when they were washing up!


  4. Handles deserve love too.


  5. Awesome story! Sounds like some of my aunties (grandparents were born in the 1880s; being the baby of the baby, it mathematically works out that I got a lot of weirdo-cultural input!).


  6. 🙂 my great grandmother could have said things like that… many stories in the family. Her parents died in the spanish flu and she, being the oldest of a bazillion siblings married as soon as she could and took all her orphaned siblings with her into that marriage… She was both very strict and very religious… and got very upset when her daughter married a man 'who didn't own any more soil (land) than what was under his nails'… – the shame! He was a doctor.


  7. "….and got very upset when her daughter married a man 'who didn't own any
    more soil (land) than what was under his nails'… – the shame! He was a doctor."oooooo same generation, more or less, as my aunt.The one who wept when my dad went to medical school.Cos then he would be working with his hands.And not a gentleman.


  8. Hehe, good story =)


  9. I love the description "scary little old grandmother".


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