Wow, I feel so special

I’m not just added to their neighbohood, but I am a Friend.
Of real estate.

Hi lauowolf,

condoforsale has added you to their Neighborhood.

condoforsale has listed you as a Friend. This means that you will be
able to see any of condoforsale’s items on Vox visible only to Friends.

Click here to add condoforsale to your Neighborhood

To view condoforsale’s Vox:

The links to vox, are, of course, utterly gone.
The point remains.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Don't you want to live near/on/at Charleston AFB?


  2. I'll bet I can get a real deal.


  3. Oh, oh! Good start, now see if you can get TheEconomy as well! \o/ … also, this guy's been emailing me about wanting people to help him transfer some money into the US, wanna send me your credit card info so we can get a cut 😛


  4. Ew. Condoforsale. Reminds me of an ex. ; )


  5. Oh – you get all the good friends!


  6. They haven't friended me yet, I feel so left out :[


  7. What do you know about ISLAM?
    I'm sure you have a wrong idea.
    Refresh your mind.

    We can make a free talk, If you want.
    or, try to listen to Quran, our holy book.

    Best regards.


  8. Yeah, but “LORD” added me as family …


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