In light of the previous post

I have to present the worst of the offenders, in terms of no public restrooms signs.
Up on Telegraph Avenue, our local shall-remain-nameless coffee shop has the sign:

Bathrooms for Customers Only
For Public Restrooms
Please Use
People's Park or the
Parking Structure

But, of course, people already do.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. I'm sorry but this makes me laugh. Of course it is not really funny.


  2. I think they mean that there are facilities in those places….


  3. Oh – well a sign like that in my neighbourhood would have people just peeing out in the open … come to think of it, they don't need a sign to do that here. I've seen men do it in my neighbour's front yard and we used to see guys doing it in the alley all the time.


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