Maybe the charge should be Criminally Stoopid

Because barging into a massive chaotic tragedy with no rational concept of what you are doing is just plain dumb.

DEAD LINK from Vox. Those crazy people who came down after the earthquake and were scooping up children in Haiti to be adopted.

may indeed not have been intending to traffic in third world children as sexual slaves, but wtf did they think they were up to?
At least one kid in the batch has living relatives.
Why do I suspect that at the least they were dragging them off to become properly Christian, regardless of the kids’ actual circumstances.

And now the relief folks – who certainly already had enough to do – have to deal with this new kerfluffle as well.

“Since their arrest Friday near the border, the church group has been
held inside two small concrete rooms in the same judicial police
headquarters building where ministers have makeshift offices and give disaster response briefings. They have not yet been charged.

of their lawyers said they were being treated poorly: “There is no air
conditioning, no electricity. It is very disturbing,” Attorney Jorge
Puello told the AP by phone from the Dominican Republic, where the Baptists hoped to shelter the children in a rented beach hotel.

One of the Americans, Charisa Coulter of Boise, Idaho,
was being treated Monday at the University of Miami’s field hospital
near the capital’s international airport. Looking pale and speaking
with difficulty from a green Army cot, the 24-year-old Coulter said she
had either severe dehydration or the flu. A diabetic, she initially
thought her insulin had gone bad in the heat.

Two Haitian police officers stood besides the cot, guarding her.

treating me pretty good,” she said, adding that Haitian police didn’t
bring her group any food or water, but that U.S. officials have
delivered water and MREs to eat. “I’m not concerned. I’m pretty
confident that it will all work out,” she said.”

Let’s see.

They got themselves arrested after they chose to wander mindlessly into the middle of a disaster zone, and it’s a problem that the overwhelmed local authorities don’t have electricity or air conditioning for them?

The Haitian government, the police, the US embassy folk, and the medical rescue people are now wasting their time dealing with these dickheads. Just what they needed added to the mix. I’m sorry if the lady had issues with her health, but why the f**k didn’t she just stay home?

There is a kind of willful blindness in all this. These people admit to having no expertise or experience in disaster relief, yet they still go blundering underfoot, do-gooding in the worst possible way.

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19 responses to this post.

  1. I heard just a brief report on the radio.nice people, good intentions = clusterfuck.the entire nation is a disaster zone – only rescue and disaster personnel should be there. I'm curious about how these folks even got into the country.


  2. yeah, this is messed up in a whole bunch of different ways.


  3. That's a welcome update mariser. I had not seen the news yet today.It's a good warning to the rest. Chill out and do it right.Yes, only rescue and disaster staff should be there. I personally know people who are helping in other ways, from Miami and boats. They don't want to be in the way or an extra mouth to feed!


  4. Those people do not need to be saved by the Lord. They need food, shelter and medical attention. These shitheads, once again, are blasting in there in "God's name" and as a friend of mine says "You can bet your ass that as soon as anything is being done 'in God's name', it's going to be a fucking mess. "Sigh. Assholes.


  5. Well said, and I'm glad they were caught.
    "Rescue" aka brainwashing. The missionaries haven't killed off enough cultures and languages, they have to keep doing more. I just loved that they complained about the conditions. That's perfect.


  6. Not the first time this has happened too. A bit of jail time would help them smarten up a bit.Sadly they will probably walk away scot free never mind the time and effort required to clean up their mess.As if the locals don't have enough to deal with already.


  7. Just lovely. 😛


  8. So glad you said this!


  9. W.T.F. again. I wonder if they're the ones who, a week or so ago, shipped in Bibles–on tape, to be played over the loudspeakers in tent cities for "inspiration." You know, Most Benevolent Leader Kim Jong Il style.


  10. Yeah this story bugged me as soon as it hit the news cycle. Oh feel sorry for us, we're just good Christian Americans — with a Church group, obviously we weren't doing anything wrong… Except trying to take children into another country, including ones saying but I have family! With no papers, no legal rights to them, not telling anyone you have them or where they're going, etc etc. Yeah, nothing fishy about THAT.


  11. I'd say they need to do time, but Haiti doesn't have the resources, so they should have to buy their way out with tons of cash money to a non-religious aid group.


  12. When the prison in Haiti collapsed, 80% of the inmates had not had their day in court yet and were therefore of unknown criminal status…. there were thousands… this should tell you something about the Haitian justice system… They lock people up and then don't get round to actually dealing with legal procedures until years later… soo given how busy authorities are NOW, these stoopid people better get used to living in small rooms with no air con. and electricity.But what happened to the kids?


  13. Yep…as soon as it hit the news, and they said "Americans" had done it, Masha said, must be some religious thing. The Brits are past the religion being an excuse to do nutty things, and my husband suffered culture shock when visiting me in the South until I moved here permanently (though he did enjoy the local food).


  14. So how come these supposedly "good hearted" people did not instead remain in Haiti and contribute the helping people there? They could be put to work digging the place out.


  15. Damn straight.


  16. Well put.


  17. I'm sorry, best intentions or not, missionaries usually make things worse.


  18. gah, that was intended kidnapping – no matter what their motives were. get the wingnuts out of there and forcus on the people in need…and keep religion out of the rescue operation, imho.


  19. I think I heard UNICEF people were involved.


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