On-line Poll/Meme Thingy for Cats

Inspired by the morning's activities:

You Might be a Tame Kitty, and Not as Feral as You Think, If:

When you are lying on the back of the couch and roll over, so that you are now actually lying instead across a person's shoulders, you don't notice and keep purring.

You were going to run off, when someone caught you by the back of the neck, and started scratching and patting while holding you down> And you liked the patting so much you never noticed when the holding stopped, and didn't run off.

You have sneakily discovered how to flip open the butter dish on the table. Ninja-style you help yourself to the entire stock of butter in it without anyone noticing. You then point out to people that the butter dish needs restocking.

Although you react to people turning on the radio with panic, you are attracted to the opening of the refrigerator door.

Other suggestions?

Edited to add photo of my fierce feral boy:

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11 responses to this post.

  1. you squeeze your eyes almost closed when you look at "your" hoomansyou expose your belly when rolling on the flooryou rub and mark things that smell like "your" hoomanswhat catter are we talking about here, have I missed something?


  2. My Wolfie cat was a rescued feral kitten, on the shy side.The Animal Shelter had already adopted him out once.A lady who fast-talked them into giving him to her before he as neutered — against policy — and then didn't get him fixed.She returned him when he was injured in a fight and had an abscess.My guess is her household was loud and chaotic.It took me about six weeks of coaxing even to get him out from under the dresser.I was allowed to lie on my stomach and reach under to pat him, but he just was too frightened to come out.It's been more like three years now, and he is mostly a regular tame kitty, except when he isn't.I'm not allowed to touch him outdoors, though he does come when I call.He's got the most powerful startle reflex I've ever seen in a cat.Any loud noise or unexpected movement and he's gone in a flash.he just can't stay in a room with radio or tv on.And, much as he loves me, he doesn't understand about falling asleep on a lap.He'll sit there purring and dozing, but when he realizes he's starting to drop off he reluctantly gets up and goes to some safe spot to sleep.But he's a love of a cat, my boy, and about as tame as he can figure out how to be.


  3. –you prefer the extra-cushy, extra-hair-attracting afghan to the perfectly fine armchair (that's a really pretty afghan, too!)
    What blue eyes your boy has!


  4. Ah, i see. Thanks for the 'splanation!


  5. O yeah, he's REAL scary! I'm shakin' in my boots over here!


  6. Yep.A fierce and wild boy.


  7. OMGosh….just look at those blue eyes all filled with fierce cattitude!!!


  8. You can see why I only mock him when he tries to come off all wild at me.


  9. Hehehehehehehe….he does sound very "wild."


  10. I met a kitteh like this today. A tiny gray tabby girl who needs a new home. She's good with dogs, if anyone needs another kitty…


  11. That is a beautiful, beautiful kitty. Those eyes! And yep. Might not be so feral. My son recently rescued a stray male, the General. He took him to the vet for shots and such and the vet said he is only two years old! Yay!


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