Oh Noes, Say It Ain’t So!

Experts stunned by swan 'divorce' at Slimbridge wetland

from here.

Experts have told of their surprise after witnessing a rare
"divorce" between a pair of swans at a Gloucestershire wildfowl

First suspicions of the rare event were raised when male swan
Sarindi turned up in the annual migration from Arctic Russia without
his partner of two years Saruni and with a new female – newly-named
Sarind – in tow.The pair's arrival led conservationists to fear the worst for Saruni.But shortly afterwards Saruni arrived at the wetlands site – also with a new mate, Surune….

Julia Newth, wildlife health research officer at Slimbridge, said the situation had taken staff by surprise.She said swans tended to have "real loyalties to one another" and long partnerships."As long as they are both still alive, they will try to stay
together. If they have a change of mate it is perhaps because of
mortality, not necessarily through choice," she said.

In this case, however, both swans and their new partners are now over-wintering in close proximity on the lake at Slimbridge.Ms
Newth said the old pair had not acknowledged each other with any signs
of recognition or greeting – even though they are occupying the same
part of the small lake.

BBC does it again.

Not to mention this one:

Man stuck in tree after kitten rescue attempt fails

A man had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in a tree while trying to rescue a kitten in Southampton. 

It's fine, man and cat are both unhurt.

Or, even better, this one:

Woman stranded in cat rescue bid

The woman, aged in her 20s, went to help feline Mercedes who had been trapped in a neighbour's tree for almost two days. But a branch broke beneath her and she was also left stranded in the tree on Essex Hall Road in Colchester, Essex. Fire crews helped the woman down from the tree using ladders, while the cat eventually made its own way down.

Local resident Elly Hinkins said she had called the RSPCA after she
heard a cat's cries for help and spotted Mercedes up a tree in her
driveway. Ms Hinkins, who is not Mercedes' owner, was told to inform the fire brigade if the cat remained trapped after three days. But she called them a day earlier after spotting the would-be rescuer stuck up the tree along with the cat.

Ms Hinkins said: "She (the woman) got up there and was quite a confident climber but the branch she was standing on broke."She didn't want me to call the fire brigade but I said there
was no way I was having her falling out of the tree and she just
couldn't get down.

"I think she was actually quite chuffed to be rescued by some hunky fireman."

There, current events all sorted out.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Wow, amazing. I can't help but wonder what happened to cause them to choose different mates. It's also amazing that they are over-wintering close to each other.


  2. I love the term "chuffed". Yeah, being rescued by a hunky fireman would not be such a bad thing. As for the swans, LOL. Very Dynasty (the old tv show). They should rename the females, Crystal and Alexis.


  3. Oh yeah…it's all go over here. I like the full term…'chuffed to bits'.


  4. funny news items! EXCEPT the swans — what's the world coming to. . . &:o(


  5. I am going to incorporate the term "chuffed" into all of my conversations!


  6. Those devious kittehs!


  7. Obviously I, and we, have been experiencing chuffedness without having a proper name to put to my condition!


  8. Chuffed! Hee!
    We had some firefighters come to our house and bang on the door the other day. (Turns out they had the wrong address.) Alas, I wasn't home at the time. And when we asked my sister later if they were cute and hunky, she said she was so shook up, she didn't notice what they looked like. LOL


  9. I think that is sort of sad about the swans. I would be far from chuffed to find myself in any situation where I had to be rescued by firemen no matter how hunky, spunky they were. 🙂


  10. I find it sad that they just ignore each other.Yes, I was once rescued at the beach (first time I met a rip tide).I have no idea whether the guy was hunky or spunky because I was so utterly embarrassed by it all.Glad she didn't fall though.If she climbed a tree to rescue a cat, I'm on her side of things.


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