And concerning the drought

In case you were wondering….

"Statewide, reservoirs are still just at 74 percent of average to
date, a hangover from three drier-than-normal years. Some are doing far
better, however, including Hetch Hetchy, which supplies much of the Bay
Area and is at 150 percent of average.

And the Sierra snowpack, where the bulk of California's water supply
is stored until summer, is at 96 percent of normal, and growing by the

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could take all that water in the places that don’t need it and fill up the reservoir?


  2. I am doing the happy dance and hoping we do not spend another year in drought conditions.. some of my plants are a little worse for the wear.all in all it is worth it to live in California most of the time… and more rain on the way! YAY


  3. Me too.Yard got very sad last year.Everything is so green right now.Cold, but green.Love it.


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