And this looks brilliant

Hundreds of volunteers are needed to help create a line of light along the length of Hadrian's Wall.

are looking for 500 people to help create the spectacle on 13 March,
which will light up the wall from one end to the other.

An artist's impression of the Hadrian's Wall illuminations

I would love to go do this.
Pesky old finances.
I hates them.

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  1. Shades of the beacon fires of Minas Tirith! This will be quite a spectacle!


  2. Hehe, I read beacon as bacon and then I thought, What? Bacon fires?!


  3. We have to keep those bacon fires burning!


  4. oh that'll look really cool!


  5. BACON FIRES!!!I m SOOOOOO there.


  6. Can you imagine how magical this will be??? I would love to be there. We could all light candles on the March 13th anyway. Have our own part in it.


  7. We'll have to allow for time zones. It probably won't be dark here yet.I don't have a model Hadrian's Wall but I guess I could set up my mini-Stonehenge.


  8. Oooh, you have a mini-Stonehenge?!! I'm want to plan a vacation for me, you, and Lauri: visiting the UK in search of faery mounds, ancient trees, and lithic monuments. Sound good?


  9. I'd be there! I've seen two stone circles (I touched one) but didn't get out to the really awesome one I wanted.If you look at my old videos, you will see kitn TK knocking down my mini-Stonehenge with his young snoot.


  10. You have a Stonehenge, capable of being knocked over by young cat!That is just full of awesome.


  11. Omnomnom! That would smell soooo good


  12. I tried to go to the website but it was too busy.


  13. Ok, I just signed up…won't know until after feb 22nd if I made it but I bet a million people signed up as well as me!!!


  14. OMG! That's Masha's bday, what a treat that would be! I was trying to think of something we could do. Last year we went to Norfolk coast to do some bird watching. We went to the wall briefly on a day trip while in the Lake District last summer with my son. We HAVE to do it…thank you for this. Some heritage. And it will be cheap for us.


  15. oooI am filled with envy.Enjoy!


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