CNN? Does anyone ever proofread your stuff?

Woman knocks down pope at Mass; Christmas celebrations begin

CNN International - ‎1 hour ago‎

In my day we just had eggnog and sang carols.
Kids these days….

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11 responses to this post.

  1. The issue is cnn? Anyone is not the problem


  2. The phrasing is the issue.Of course, I have problems with someone knocking down an elderly man.But the headline is unfortunate.


  3. The semicolon tries to save it, but does not quite have the power."Yes, the elderly man has been knocked to the ground in his place of work! Thus the festivities may now begin!"


  4. LT is totally correct. so neat to have a new holiday tradition!


  5. Oh Noes!Rowdy Italians take to Pope Tipping on slow holiday weekend!


  6. it's more like Festivus.


  7. Rule Number One: No old people in the Mosh Pit… LOL


  8. But he invented Rock and Roll!!…damn kids today with their short hair and their ebil ways…


  9. Omg, lw!! I missed this until today!It IS like the Feats of Strength!!We can laugh. Let others rend their garments and tear out their hair! 😉


  10. I know this is old news, but I have to say I laughed out loud when I saw that person jump the fence. 'twas a celebratory laugh.


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