And for the next round of Stump the Vet

We will ply The Boy with massive antibiotics.

No cancer!!!!!
Fungal cultures not growing!!!

So we're officially at WTF.
Newest working thesis is bone swelling in jaw is unrelated to tissue changes in kneecaps.
Which become again caused by his lousy kittenhood nutrition.
And this lot is perhaps some unknown invasive infection of the jaw.

So three-weeks broad spectrum antibiotics, and cross our fingers that he winds up with a functional jaw after the dust settles.
After the first week we can be looking for improvement.


GirlCat with her week spa stay at UC Davis because of unexplained fluid in lungs — she got a spigot in her chest.
OliverCat had random seizures.
Motley had unexplained anemia to force us to adopt him.
And then picked up a liver infection.

And Lurker's got TK and his Bad Ways…

Next time I want a cat with a warranty.

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18 responses to this post.

  1. now I'm really afraid.since Pepper is one of those… tuxie kits.can we be a little happies that it is definitely not cancer?


  2. Hooray! So glad Mr. Boe is not cancerous.Will he have to stay inside the next 3 weeks?I agree about wanting the Tuxie Warranty next time.


  3. We can hope that Pepper was cured last year with his operation and eating the prescription fuds.TK's not eating of prescrip. fuds makes his situation more dire.


  4. erp…I looked up P.'s Rx fud (Purina UR Ox) and the first ingredient is corn gluten, fourth down the list is whole corn. so I figured it wouldn't be good for the brat.a ?: has TK eaten any corn-based fudz since his bad reaction as a kitten? may he have outgrown his corn issue? 'cos he definitely needs an rx food.


  5. They don't come when you call them by their names, so what good would a warranty do? LOL


  6. Oh is Happy Danze Tiem!!!!Mystery is MUCH better than death sentence.Cranky Boy may get to live a normal life.


  7. He probably should, for convenience of pillage.But he broke out of his room last night, the creep.So is bopping about being all elusive and clever and triumphant.And I'm willing to allow him a little triumph at this point.


  8. Oh is Happy Danze Tiem!!!![danzes]


  9. Yay for no cancer!


  10. I will happy danze for Boe as part of him triumph.Will you still be attempting to keep him indoors?mariser, TK eated corn-based Rx fuds after his first attack last year (before operation) and him had to go back in for an extra night at the vet's b/c him got so dehydrated from teh runny poops. So I'll have to feed him high-quality commercial fudz and hope for the best.


  11. hokay, so TK's corn allergy is not one of those things that one outgrows.damn.maybe just feed himz tuna?


  12. "Next time"? Not for a long time, hopefully.
    No cancer is always good news – be of good cheer, lauowolf.


  13. No cancer is teh best news! Mystery is good for wonderment and speculation, hard on the nerves.Katz. Why dey break down? Is so soft.


  14. I read… somewhere… in the bazillion web pages I googled about him condition, that some peeps think fishies is bad for bladder stones. Luckily him TK is poultry kitteh. He was ok with the Purina Rx gooshy, but the vet has stopped carrying it. Maybe I can order it direct from the company.Hope the antibiotics work for BoeBoy and him doesn't need further care.


  15. Yay for Boe being cancer-free! I was very worried. Boe has a soft spot in my heart.
    Crossing fingers for the antibiotics.


  16. He was ok with the Purina Rx gooshy is that the same Purina Rx P. is on? Purina UR Ox? P. hated the gooshy version. and he doesn't hate anything. except that.if that's the one TK tolerates, I can get it from my vet and send it to you.


  17. oh my – I'm so glad it's mystery, not cancer. (though what jaypo says sure is true – nerve-wracking time.)


  18. Indeed it is. I'll see how he noms the last of this can before I start importing. It only has a little bit of corn.


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