And we continue to wait….

I took Motley in to the vet on Friday.

Motley here demonstrating the motleyness of his fur.
He vamped the vet, as usual… She couldn't get his heartrate because he was purring so hard.
And it wasn't scardycat purring, it was Pretty Lady Patting ME!! purrs.
And she admired his coat, which to me demonstrates that she was smitten, since I think it just looks like a bad die job.
"We'll just take Big Boy back and get his weight and some blood." PURR PURR"
He ends up having a thyroid problem, resolvable with pills.
And he is good about pills.
And good about the vet too.
I think it's that he has had a series of really odd medical problems (liver infection?), and has noticed that going to the vet makes him feel better.
Him's very very smart boy.

Boe continues to be a mystery.
Nothing definite back yet, preliminary results just show some inflammation.
I did ask if nothing definite meant not definitely cancer, but sadly it does not.
So we wait.

Boe, being mysterious.
He is getting impatient about being locked in, but it is his own fault for being creepy about coming when called.
He comes, and sits ten feet off, to see what is up with you.
Too smart for his own good kitty therefore has to stay locked in for a while, so I can get my hands on him.

New kitty, NikitaKit wins Best Kitten Ever prize for breaking into Boe's prison cell to steal his treats, and staying to play with him.
Nikita jumps on Sisko hard enough to knock him over.
But plays bat paws around the corner with Boe.
Good kitty.
I have to get new photos of him, cos his kitten ruff is turning into serious plumage.
It's like a lion's mane.
I had no idea that floofy kittens did this, having never had one from a kitten before.
He's a seriously absurd child.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. Such a handful of kittehs… Never a dull moment around them though.


  2. I just patted the tiger on your page, in lieu of being able to pat your actual kitties. Please give them all scritches for me.


  3. It's rather kitty hospital like around here at the moment.Silmi is become senile and forgotten what the box is for.Motley is sneezing and needs pills.Boe is up in his own space requiring attention.Is very nice to have happy healthy kitten bopping about.


  4. Goodness, it's the kitty outpatient ward.Glad to hear Motley is/will be on the improve. And that Boe is still handsome and mysterious and has a little buddy.The metamorphosis of the floofy kitten from rumpled dandelion puff to proper fur and ruff is an amazing thing. I have witnessed it twice but it's always good.Hope the health news goes well or at least more definite.


  5. And I'm having a bout of carpel tunnel – ouch!Makes the pilling fun.And getting the bottle open.We're all pitiful.Nikita is going to be a gorgeous big boy one of these days.


  6. Pretty kitties! Hope you all feel better soon!


  7. The metamorphosis of the floofy kitten from rumpled dandelion puff to proper fur and ruff is an amazing thing.MooMonkey's ruffled white mane is my eye candy.LW, can you still pet thems gently? That will help teh hurties all around too.


  8. Meow! How in the world did you get a kitty who is good with pills? We had to trick ours into them, we found kitty treats that are hollow to put pills in the middle otherwise the cats definitely are NOT good about pills. Good luck to Boe, being a mystery is no fun.


  9. Re: Motley and smitten vet – reminds me of what grandma said of my dad's new tortie kitty.
    "That is the homeliest cat I have ever seen."
    So judgemental, Grandma.


  10. Thanks for teh kitteh update! =)::goes around petting all of the cats::


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