Mr. Boe has the Bedroom

He's all settled in with his meds and his babyfuds and some experimental small can fuds too.
Has his own kingdom in the bedroom, but is locked in cos I think morphined kittums belong inside.
And he has a history of deciding to lope off alone when he feels bad.

So he's set up with fuds and live cat nips and a heating pad under his floofy blankie.
(Floofy blankie gets lots of kneading and cuddling on.)

I've been carrying in the Wolfie Cat, who is his buddy, to den up in the bedroom with us at night.
To cut the boredom a bit.
And Motley, who expects to sleep on the bed.
(And everybody loves Motley, who appears to be just stuffed with Cat Charisma.)

So the first time I found Idiot Kitten in there, I assumed he had done the Ninja Kitty thing, and clouded my mind while he slipped into the room unnoticed.
The cat who walks through walls…..
So I just let him nest with all the Big Boys too, since he was sleepy.
(Some times the Big Guys don't like him around since he is much given to unexpected enthusiastic pounces.)
That was yesterday.

So today I was in there opening babyfoods for Boe, talking babycat talk and making babyfud bottle top noises, and then there he was again, inside the room.
Well Boe actually wants his tasty treats, and him's a shy type, so I pick up the crazy child and chuck him out the door.
Fair enough.
And turn around and he's there again.

Crazy boy has been squeezing through the bottom of the former heater.
(Disconnected, whew.)
Then coming out behind the wardrobe, and crawling under it to get
into the room.
With possible side trip to Narnia, for all I know.

Because he has to be where the people are.
Such a sweetie.

Luckily, it doesn't seem to work the other way.
He saw me look at him, and went all flat and rug-like on the floor, trying to get back under it, but didn't seem to be able to manage it.

Ten minutes later there is a scratching noise out in the hall.
Silmi is trying to figure out where Nikki Kitten went.
I have an image of all the cats ending up in the bedroom this way, like the Monty Python skit with the room full of mailmen and milkmen.

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9 responses to this post.

  1. Mr. LT and I have LOL at this.Loves to Boe Pussum, hope he's comfy.


  2. LOL! Cats will be cats 😉


  3. Why is every little thing they do so interesting and cute? Good thoughts…


  4. With possible side trip to Narnia
    Were his whiskers sticky with Turkish Delight?
    Perhaps he's not such an idiot kitten after all.


  5. Hugs and kitty love to you all.


  6. ah, Mr. Boe in his tuxie kingdom with all other cats coming to pay respects and maybe steal some of the tasty wishes for all.


  7. Ninja Kittehs… They are out there…


  8. they walk through the walls!


  9. Kittehs: always a source of entertainment


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