They checked, it’s His laundry mark

See,   teeeeeeny little JHC?
…  at least, the H is clear….

Researcher: Faint writing seen on Shroud of Turin

ROME – A Vatican researcher has rekindled the age-old debate over the Shroud of Turin, saying that faint writing on the linen proves it was the burial cloth of Jesus.

from here.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. They used the Time Machine since the fabric is only 600 years old,lol.


  2. "at least the H. is clear"heh. you blasphemer, you.


  3. Hmmm…. *head tilt R* hmmmm… *head tilt L*


  4. R LR Lee????That's my old boss!My old boss is God????


  5. At least it's just an H, not an F.


  6. There was a debate? Over what, who forgot to pick up the linens at the drycleaners?


  7. I think regardless of how old that sucker is, it's clearly not been washed for centuries, and we should be taking it down to the corner drycleaner asap.


  8. I gotta take a closer look now.


  9. Looks a little the worse for wear.


  10. I think it says "Dry Clean Only".


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