In which it is established that I am of a certain age.

When we acquired The Boy, Flaky Girl had been calling him Nicco.
Which clearly wasn't his name.
But we wanted to avoid too much confusion by finding something similar.
Which is how he became Nikita.
(NikitaKitty is fun to say.)
Which is all just fine with us.

The vet techs persist in wanting to spay him.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. I like NikitaKitty. lends a certain air of mystery, ala FemmeNikita. so he could use ChatNikita as his spy name.those ebil ebil vet techs. running wild spaying innocent kits!


  2. Actually, him is so very excessively floofy back there that anything could be hiding in there.We're just believing that the neutering thing happened.


  3. Will NikitaKitty bang his shoe on the table at the UN?


  4. Hims not neutered if he did. *snerk*


  5. I'm hoping for it.Him's settling for banging his collar on things.(Hrblls all gone. We think. Pretty damn furry back there.)


  6. Floofy Hrblls…
    Is that why they call them Fluffers in the porn industry? LOL


  7. Flooofy Hrblls does sound like a stage name.


  8. See… It's not just me then, right?


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