In which we discover that The Tuxie is weird (duh)

Despite being given multiple opportunities, none of the resident cats – not even the utterly clueless and about to have hims hairballs snipped Nikita Kitten –
None of them.
Think these

Are a food stuff.
Or even a toy.
Family feline reactions all fell in the narrow range between incomprehension and obliviousness.
Your choice: "What is this?" or "What is what?"
But no "NOM" from this lot.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. Was there any sniffage at all?At least the hooman enjoyed them.


  2. Hims a kitteh of diverse tastes.


  3. Kittehs are quite funny


  4. No sniffage at all.A complete united front on the issue.Why is there nonfood set before the cat.Tom hypothesizes that perhaps thinking passion fruit is tasty is a result of general metabolic strangeness.


  5. Tuxkat is unique – in a good way.
    Makes me think of a story my friend told me last night. The cat who lives downstairs from her has adopted her. When she's out and about in the complex, cat will follow her, adores to get skritches, and seems to think that my friend can open kitteh's apartment door (must be the opposable thumbs).
    The kitteh also brings "gifts" to my friend. Only, this kitteh has been declawed (poo, poo, poo). The gifts are cherry tomatoes that he finds somewhere (probably from somone else's outdoor planter).
    It makes me wonder if this cat makes a habit of eating tomatoes, since he considers them to be gift worthy.


  6. Or they may just be the perfect heft to be kitty-toys.And a good portable size.Or, as you say, perhaps she is sharing her treats.


  7. At least the hooman enjoyed them.NOM!(And apple. Yum.)


  8. TK is special, in both senses of the word.Declawed kitteh shouldn't be allowed to wander outside! But I'm glad he's found a friend, and is presenting lovely gifts. Kitteh can only get certain things, so the thinking may be "This is a fun toy, and hoomans seem to enjoy eating them. Either way, I wuv you, please enjoy this thing."


  9. Oh good, the apple crop was quite the disappointment this year so I'm glad you got one of the few good ones.I should have given you lemons, too; we have an entire grocery bag full.


  10. Maybe the skin is like real vermin skin and they love to put their teeth into it. I used to have a cat who loved onions, potatoes and carrots. Another who liked to catch snakes and bring them home alive in his mouth, all wrapped around his head like a turban.


  11. It does have a sort of velvety feel to it, and is soft and full of gushy seeds.So it makes a fine substitute prey.I wonder about the taste tho.


  12. EEK! SNAKES! I am so glad we have inside kitties who cannot present such a "lovely" gift.


  13. peanut butter with…used to think that was unnatural combination, but recently became hooked.


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