Life in a Fishbowl

from Washington Square News.

Stalking Jude Law

'Hamlet' star moves next to Hayden

"On a recent night, a group of freshmen girls (and several boys) on the
ninth floor of Hayden residence hall fought each other for a spot at
the window in a dorm room. They all pressed their faces against the
glass, straining to catch a glimpse of someone a few floors below in
the building behind Hayden…. Law is currently playing Hamlet in the Broadway rendition of the play
and is living in the Village for the duration of its run. He moved in
next door to Hayden toward the end of September, and since then
Jude-watching has become something of a sport in the residence hall."

It's a lovely neighborhood, and I'm sure the college kids are all fairly cool if encountered out on the sidewalk.
It's just behind the anonymous windows that they feel free to gawk a bit.

My kid is not in that dorm, not being a freshman.
Instead, she's much further from campus and her room faces the sealed windows of some kind of business.
Also a hunk of sky,  if you crane your neck around.
Last year in London she did end up with a swell view of an office.
Second term – first term she mostly looked out on a wall, and even that was covered by a large grill.
So second term having the view across Pentonville Road was lovely, even though she wasn't very high up in the building.
Instead of a broad London vista, she mostly just saw across the road, into some business.
She was suffering severe pet-withdrawal, and so looked upon it as a large gold fish bowl equivalent.
"The large, plain colored individual appears to be dominant… Lower status juveniles cluster on the roof top engaging in bonding activities with small burning sticks."

I hope the freshmen are as comforted by their celebrity goldfish.
And that the goldfish involved aren't too weirded out by the attention.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. It's nice not being a celebrity


  2. I'm a celebrity. I also stalk myself too. I'm very creepy that way. LOL


  3. that is just wrong.


  4. I know. I tried restraining orders, but that didn't work either. Every where I turn, there I am. It's so frustrating. LOL


  5. That's a hoot!Good for him.


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