My laptop is possessed

By teh forces of EBIL!!

Is MacBook Pro, and it has gone nutso.
Suddenly it is randomly transposing letters as I type, or moving up and down lines, or just eating typing.

And it is being weird about clicking.
As in not letting me.
And then being okay.
And then not.

I haven't done anything!!!

Am frustrated.

Have shut down and restarted.
Actually a couple of times, since when it completely refuses to click on anything, there doesn't seem to be any other option.

All software is updated.

Touchpad is clean.

It doesn't seem to like it if I rest wrists on laptop, though not entirely okay when I don't?
Sometimes clicks fine, sometimes won't click no matter what.

Is it fixing to die?
Is it going to cost a bazzillion bucks to repair?

Is there a way to sprinkle it with holy water that won't screw up the electronic innards?


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10 responses to this post.

  1. Maybe Jaypo's radio got a hold of it!


  2. I had a similar situation a couple weekends ago. It turns out I was drunk.


  3. Iz Mac. 'Nuff said.;)


  4. Wish I was


  5. I had a dream last night that my computer stuffed up right in the middle of something really important. Was happy when I woke up to find it only a dream. Well a nightmare really.


  6. I don't mean to laugh, but I see you got a lot of good suggestions, here. :PI have nothing to add, unfortunately. 😦


  7. Verrrry funny, cp. 8-|But I thought the same thing.LW, how old is it?


  8. Ah…Have been to the magical Fix That Mac store.Close and cheap and honest.It was not 90$ fix or replace click part thingy – this afternoon.It was not $190 to replace whole keyboard – in a week.It was $80 to replace battery.Right then.Battery had started to swell up, and was crowding click thingy, causing it to generally go haywire.All better.No holy water needed.


  9. Howzabout a Holy Cow Batman instead. Does Apple have lots of troubles with it's batteries?


  10. I don't know.Never had one do this before, though.Looked scary upon removal, all bulging and wrong.


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