Is it just me, or is this utterly out of line

Also known as – Virginia is for Loonies.

Naked Coffee Drinker Arrested in a World Gone Mad

A man from Springfield, Virginia (Eric Williamson, 29) was making some coffee in his kitchen whilst naked, and faces a possible chage of indecent exposure and a year in prison.

It was 5:30am and he had the house to himself. he decided to go into the kitchen to make a coffee. Like many other millions on the planet, he felt there was nothing wrong in being naked in his own house, especially at that time of the day.

Mr. WIlliamson claims he did not purposely intend to expose himself to anyone outside of the house, but at that moment a woman and her seven-year-old son happened to pass by his kitchen window.

After seeing Mr. Williamson’s naked body, she called the police.

What many reports fail to mention, is that the woman was in a hurry and cut across Mr. Williamson’s garden to save time.  Apart from the fact that she was tresspassing, why on earth was she out so early with her son?

Had she not taken the “short-cut” she probably would not have seen Mr. Williamson, and if she was in such a hurry, what was she doing looking in any windows at all?

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And updated  here.

The woman who called the police says the time of
the incident
was 8:40 am, not 5:30 am as Williamson says. She
also says Williamson was first standing in an open doorway, then
moved in front of a window, still in her view. Given that she was
apparently on his property (that part of the story hasn’t yet
been disputed), and he was in his home the entire time, I’m not
sure his exact position in his own home matters, unless he was
otherwise in plain view of someone using the public sidewalk.
Even then, it seems more like tacky behavior than behavior that
should be criminal. And you’d think the guy would get a warning
before you arrest him for nudity in his own house.

told Fox News today
that after the report, 5-6 police officers came into his
home unannounced, entered his bedroom, and arrested him.

The guy does seem strange. A roommate says he was acting oddly,
walking around all morning wearing nothing but a construction
hat. But again, strange behavior needn’t be a crime punishable by
a year in jail (if the roommate had reported unwanted nudity,
that might be a different matter).

What none of these reports have managed to make clear is whether she’d have seen anything if she hadn’t been intruding on his privacy in the first place.
Regardless of the time, which may be a matter of 1) when he made coffee, 2) when she called, and 3) when the cops turned up, this just seems like exceedingly poor judgement on the part of the cops.
Though one of the stories says she’s an officer’s wife.
So maybe cop spouses get listened to, even if they are loopy.

I get a stong feeling that one does not want to be seen as “strange” in Virginia.

Insert this video, lost in the move from vox
All of which brings me to a belated

Home Town Brag
That sleezeball in California with the kidnapped child he held for 18 years?
If you looked at the story at all, you may have read how one of his neighbor’s girl friends had thought there was something wrong a few years earlier.
She had noticed kids on the property and thought it seemed “off.”
And called the local cops out in the ‘burbs.
The local cops came by and talked with him, and didn’t think there was a problem

How the creep got busted was coming to the UC Berkeley campus.
Believe me, we are knee-deep in weirdos round here, and, as a result, the campus cops can tell weird from WEIRD.
Cos strange is relative.
Ally Jacobs and Lisa Campbell deal with craziness daily, so they could tell there was a problem.
Made me proud of the old Alma Mater.

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17 responses to this post.

  1. I don't think it matters how "weird" other people think you are. There's no reason you can't be naked in your own house. What is the matter with people?


  2. I'm going to have to be more careful when I come back in from cutting the grass. I usually dump my clothes off at the washing machine (in the basement) and walk upstairs wearing nothing but an iPod. I'm on my way to the shower, but what if my nosy neighbors were to peek in just then? They'd think I was some weirdo.


  3. So now you can trespass and be offended by people in their own homes. Sounds like she's the pervert/criminal here.I'm gonna keep being naked in my own house till someone buys me a whole-house A/C and pays the bills to run it.


  4. Added video.Poor porcine police people.Didn't expect anyone to blink at it, so now they need to find someone else who may have been offended.Love the Just-for-Fox slur on his and his "civil liberties" – though the officer seems to be the only one mentioning them.And seems to be making claims aboutviewing things from the sidewalk, though his witness/complainant seems not to have been on the sidewalk.(And the kitchen door doesn't seem to face any sidewalk.)Slippery things, facts.Oh, and he may have been "dirinking."In his own home.(Is that before or after the coffee???)Guess Fox decided to cozy up to the cops, despite their exclusive interview earlier..


  5. ::rolls eyes::


  6. Hmm, according to the video she was so "offended" by the sight of his naked body through the kitchen window that she had a second look through another window?


  7. LOL. Can I cut through your garden?
    This is goofier than the people who break into other people's homes, get hurt and then sue them in court for damages and win. If this happened at my house, I'd go out and kill htem while they were snowblinded from seeing my lily white ass and do a good job of making it look like they had broken into the house with intent to kill me. Sheesh.


  8. Gah!! What stupidity!
    *gets up and flashes her titties at her curtainless living room window in solidarity*
    Ok, that wasn't the same as being nude, but it's too cold for more. 😛


  9. See, there you go, there is no account for taste or entertainment value! I spend entire trips, when I'm not driving, looking into peoples windows hoping to spot a naked person. You don't call the cops, you call your friends…they're always in need of entertainment too and appreciate a heads up. Stupid lady..she could have used that as a bonding experience with her kid..if he's seven, it's time he learned what's inappropriately funny! A sense of humor is one of the most important things you can teach your child, she should be ashamed.


  10. Oh and PS, I live in Virginia..did he leave a new address?


  11. Just glad she's not cutting through my yard.(Maybe that is enough said about that…)Yeah, there's Virginia and Virginia… and maybe even Virginia.
    Depends which one you live in.


  12. Oh she was in his YARD, sheesh even worse. I didn't know that when I first saw this story on TYT. They suggested that since his nosy neighbors peek in windows he go around with binoculars peek in their windows from the sidewalks, since they all seemed to be watching him so closely. Personally, he wants to be naked in his house, I don't care. Unless he was like standing at his window making obscene gestures at kids or something OBVIOUSLY trying to be foul and obviously trying to flash kids, etc… then who cares it's his house.


  13. I live in VA, and just happen to know NCG's family. They're wonderful people. Here are the facts of this case, as we see them: My God-damn house, I wear what I like. Don't like it? Stop looking creeping through my yard and peeping through my fuc**** windows!!!Support Eric here:


  14. Wow. That woman ought to be ashamed of herself for the pain in the ass BS this guy is going to have to deal with now. Poor naked guy! 😦


  15. I didn't know you were a fellow Berkeley alum. W00t!!


  16. Yep, spent many years.. B.A., M.A., and most of a Ph.D.W00t indeed!


  17. I'm late to the game here, just catching up on Vox. I think he should charge her with trespassing and see what happens. I do run downstairs to the laundry room au naturale sometimes to grab clothes. Hopefully no one will hop my hedges and call the police since I live in VA.


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