Silly story

Many, many years ago.
I was walking home from the bus, through the twilight, on my favorite street.
Quiet, lots of old houses broken up into student flats, with wild gardens.
And cats.
Hosts of cats, all swarming about greeting people, waiting for their own folks.

Had a very, very friendly kitty come up to me.
And vamp me quite thoroughly.
Demanding pats, rubbing ankles.
The whole act.

Finally leads me up to door, and begins with the begging.
With loud purrs, and talkings, and all

It was clear that people were in there.
It was just getting dark, and lights were on.
And kitty wanted IN.
And I was there, and I was a person, and people are GOOD.

I knocked on the door for her.

She should have had one of these.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. And what did kitty's family say? Or did you run away and leave them wondering how kitty had knocked on the door?


  2. I wish I had.They opened the door and kitty ran in.And I stood there, realizing that normal people do not do the kitteh's biddings.I think I said something like "Your cat really wanted in."That's why I only did this once.


  3. And I stood there, realizing that normal people do not do the kitteh's biddings.
    On the contrary, normal people DO do the kitteh's biddings. Why else would kittehs even bother with humans, if not for the perks of having slaves with opposable thumbs?
    If I had been a member of the family of the insistant kitteh, I would have been charmed by your choice.


  4. Hahahaaa! The vid looks like Peg's Sally.


  5. "I stood there, realizing that normal people do not do the kitteh's biddings"
    And this is one of the attributes we love most about you.


  6. LOL! I love this one!


  7. Great story! I loved seeing that clip on ICHC. I know two cats that could use that door knocker


  8. oh god. I gotta stop quitting reading the blogs here when I get depressed. Funny I would rather read your blogs than the ones of people who I know offline. Your stories cheer me up. Their Drama tires me out. I think you guys are better than prozac.


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