If I seem to be stalking your vox

Perhaps you've noticed me turning up two and three times a day for a while?
(That is, if you are one of those Statcounter people who keep track of such things.)

It's just that when I try to get into vox by going to the opening page, my computer won't open it.
So I leave emails from vox telling me about comments and such sitting in my yahoo mailbox, and then I follow the link from the email onto vox.
I try to change off the emails every so often, but even so I probably bop in and out of just a few people's blogs a lot.

It just occurred to me that maybe this looked odd.

So, no, I'm not weirdly cyber-haunting anyone, I'm just trying to sneak in here via the back door.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. It hasn't worked for me for most of this year. So I have to click on "Your Neighborhood" to see anyone.


  2. When I right-click on the Vox icon – 'open' or 'open in new window' – that seems to work…occasionally.


  3. Dammit. Here I thought… Oh wait… I don't have a stat counter… Yet…


  4. ooodidn't mean I don't ever stalk people……….just that sometimes I'm not stalking, but only just passing through.


  5. The main vox page has been really spotty for me for over a year now. Like LT, I use the 'hood page to check folks out. It's annoying to say the least. Is it just me or does it seem like the cool folks who used to run vox are long gone?It's weird, I had completely forgotten about my statcounter until my recent, daily rocktober posts which I haven't restricted. I figured I'd go look into it to make sure no one from my office had found my blog, etc. That's when I freaked over all my middle eastern readers (and my own self-stalking – ha!).


  6. Sorry you're having trouble with Vox, Lauo. I have no advice because, for starters, I'm not sure I have a clue what you're referring to. I go straight to My Neighborhood and check posts and comments from there. Now I am curious about the main Vox page. Oh, is that where you sign in?I'm no techie. When I read peeps' posts about Vox issues, I sometimes wish we could sit down with all our computers side by side and see what pops up on each other's screens to get a better understanding. I'm not a statcounter. I think, and your post kinda proves it, that the stats aren't a true count. Especially if it makes one appear to be a stalker! Vox, as a blog host site, has been disappointing, which is a shame really. You peeps are great. But I rarely look at Vox from work any more. And, I don't want my writing asscoiated with Vox any more. Snooty-snoot that I am.Rotsa Ruck, Rauo!


  7. I do the same thing. Never occurred to me that people might think I was stalking. πŸ˜›


  8. My solution to Vox being so slow and sometimes not loading has been to put the RSS feed for my neighborhood into Google Reader. Well, that and I'm actually blogging at WordPress now. That just means I have to check back periodically to make sure I'm not missing a lot of "neighborhood only" stuff since that won't be sent in the feed.


  9. I'm cheerfully oblivious to your stalking!


  10. Heh, yeah, I haven't seen that welcome page in ages. I have to get in the neighborhood by going through my page or by using the comment notification and clicking on the neighborhood tab once I get to whatever page


  11. Hmm. I'm not seeing the problem everyone else is, but maybe I'm not going to the pages that are causing the problem.
    Anyway, lauowolf, you're welcome to visit and I'm always glad to see you, stalking or not. πŸ˜€


  12. I never actually used those welcome page things anyway, and am perfectly happy making shift with my shiftless makeshift ways.It just occurred to me that I might be alarming people.Sounds as if Cap'n Stephel and I are sneaking in the same way.("Hi")


  13. Hmmm. I always just sign right in to my own Vox page and then I randomly skip around….click on a Vox neighbor if I see their link in someone's comments….sometimes I use the Your Neighborhood page, but that's about the only way I do things. I am sure that is why I miss so much stuff…but I'm not going to attempt to change now, that's for sure! πŸ™‚


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