And there was this one too

Also from the AP.
In addition to just the sheer barf-worthy nature of it all, there's a little surprise.
You have to wait for the fourth paragraph here.

 Hong Kong apartment sells for whopping $57 million

HONG KONG — It's a price tag that would make even New Yorkers and
Londoners gasp — an outsized luxury apartment sold for nearly $57
million in Hong Kong Wednesday amid growing fears of a real estate

The five-bedroom duplex suite with as much as 6,158
square feet was sold to an unidentified buyer from mainland China, said
the developer, Henderson Land Development, a major Hong Kong property
company. It is believed to be Asia's most expensive property by square
foot at nearly $9,200.

Aside from an aroma spa center, fitness
room, outdoor yoga gym and grand harbor views, the new homeowner will
enjoy an exclusive address in the hills of Hong Kong's main island — "a
majestic realm for the city who's who," according to a statement from
the developer.

The deal comes at a time when ever-higher prices
of Hong Kong real estate, benefiting from mainland China's booming
market and easy money sloshing through the world financial system, are
inspiring worries of a bubble in the making. Several blockbuster deals
in the tens of millions of dollars have made headlines of late.

Did you catch it?

The part about "easy money sloshing through the world financial system"?


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8 responses to this post.

  1. *jaw drops open**stays open*


  2. Soooo…Is that "easy money sloshing around" our tax dollars from the bail out?


  3. They didn't say it was easy money available to ye olde commoners, did they? 😛


  4. Well, to be honest, it is all their money to begin with. I mean, they (China, Japan) are majorly invested in the financial future of the USA…


  5. Ugh, saw this yesterday too. That's an obscene amount of money to spend on an apartment. That money could be going to so many other things out there. I still can't believe how out of touch with reality some people are


  6. Had to go find that song by Barenaked Ladies…


  7. Well, if you had a million dollars, you could buy 1/57th of this place…(Great song, great video)


  8. That's very true. I don't know if I'd want 1/57th of it though. I'd rather have a treehouse! (let's ignore the small detail of having to get the house with the yard that has a big enough tree)


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