For those of us with Torties

I can has Cheezburger scores again.

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  1. My cat makes that face when she tries to make us earn the right to pet her. She'll do the ooh pet me, pet me, pet me game. So we go to pet her and she walks off. Wait YOU wanted petting missy. FINE! She has us trailed so we follow her to pet her. Again she does it. Hi, I'm so cute pet me, pet me, pet me. Go to pet her. Walks away. So we turn the tables on her and start to walk away and get that face.


  2. Ooh what a great face. "Me an mai curld paw sae dis tablz myne!" Careful you don't rake her up with the autumn leaves.ICHC scores every time IMO!


  3. Oh yeah…I've seen that face many times.
    All I can say in response is "yes, it it is an honor and privilege to serve you, your highness."


  4. LOL!Just saw this. It gets an LOL from both of us (and the tortie lying on the back of the couch, with a similar expression).Pretty pretty princess kitties. Ruling with an iron paw.


  5. Saw it and thought immediately of the primpcess.


  6. LOL is right!Oh those torties! And oh that ICHC! I lubs it!


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