I have some very mixed feelings

Indoor-only kitteh from in back just came wandering into my kitchen.
The second time they've just let him out to stray.
No collar, no one watching.
It's not that I don't think he's safe – the yard and whole area is very cat-friendly.
And not that I don't love to see him.
But the kids who are moving out
(Thank you, powers that be!)
Are being really flaky.
And not around much.
I'm a bit disturbed by the feel of this.

To show the unit, we had to go clean it up for them, including kitteh's box which was icky.
And sweep the porch off, and clear space on the floor of the apartment for people to be able to walk through, and the like.
And recycle a crapload of bottles.
They seem not to have the concept of giving the beer bottles a quick rinse, so the whole trash area was smelling like a brewery.
In fact they throw everything into the recycling unwashed, ick. ick. ick.
Oh, and even though the whole apartment was just painted about 2 years ago, I seriously need to repaint it.
Including the front door which someone has been putting out cigarettes against.

And now I've just discovered they are screwing over the girl who moved-out.
I mean, beyond just playing Nasty Girls with her to get her to move out.
(Current tenant told her they both had to go cos she'd arranged to move out, and as soon as Old Tenant signed a new lease announced Oops, I'm staying after all.)
But with the deposit here is the deal.
See, the two original girls moved in, each paying half the deposit.
When the first one moved out – August 15th – the remaining roommate was supposed to pay that departing roommate back for her share of the deposit.
I continue holding the entire deposit, cos the lease is still continuing.
And then the remaining tenant gets the new moving-in person to reimburse her for the money she just paid to the girl who left.
That way the one who has left is done with the place, and the people living there both have a financial stake in the condition they leave it in.
Then, when the last lot leave, I pay the one remaining original tenant all the deposit I'm holding and she and her subtenant work it all out.

Well, I just found out the girl who moved out hasn't been paid any money by her old roommate.
And I found it out from her, not from the remaining kid, a girl who has talked with me about getting back her deposit and all.
So I was getting ready to hand that kid all the money.
Which would mean the other girl would have come by eventually wondering where her half of it was….


So… to get back the the kitteh – which is certainly a better topic and a much nicer place to be.
I have a bad feeling that she is intending to leave it behind when she goes.
She hasn't said anything..
But she seems to be really ignoring it very hard this last couple of weeks
And now it is roaming about on its own, and coming in and eating here.
Dang. I don't need another cat.
But he is a darling, and loves the other cats here.
Dang. Dang.

Maybe I could just drop her off at the Animal Shelter.


Did I even mention the furniture from my garage she is using?
When she moved in she didn't have much furniture, so I offered her the use of a dresser I was about to freeccle.
I also said she could look in the storage, and if there was something she could use, to ask me about it.
She never said a word.
I didn't say she could just help herself to stuff.
But I was showing the unit and, uh, surprise!
Familiar stuff.
Ya know – like a small antique sewing table belonging to my great grandmother?
So not okay.
I sent an email saying to just leave it upstairs when she goes.
But now I have to be out there watching to be sure nothing walks away with her…


(sooooo ready for her to be gone!)

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16 responses to this post.

  1. Ugh, crap, and dang. :(People are such pains in the arse. We have an apartment we rent out, too and the girl that lives there is moving out to move back in with her parents because she is pregnant. The place has holes kicked in the walls. Some doors damaged. She is a nice girl, but her brother and her boyfriend/whatever did some damage in there. So hubby is torn…he hates to with hold the security deposit from her because she needs it badly, but we will have a lot of repairing to do to get that place rentable again. He's such a softie. As for the kitty….you can't have too many. Take it from…..me.


  2. Sounds like Kharma is gonna kick someone in the ass…


  3. I think you've called it on the situation with the cat. What a shame.


  4. Ew ew ew. Drop her off at the shelter.


  5. If you take the kitten without his 'owners' permission, will the animal shelter accept him? Perhaps notify them that an animal is being neglected and the situation warrants their attention. I'm trying to think what the Animal Cops would do.
    Personally, I would join Kzinti's Kharma and do some ass-kicking.


  6. Take all your furniture out of there now. It's yours, on your property, so you need to safeguard it. Stick that antique table in your living room for a couple of weeks if you have to.Poor little kitty boy. They are definitely hoping he'll run off and no longer be their responsibility. I hope he's too smart to do that. When he's abandoned, then you can take him to the shelter. Or take the poor baby in. Either way, he'll be better off.The shelter only takes innocent beings.


  7. bah, what a terrible tenant! hope you get rid of her without more drama-and i loathe people who'll leave a pet behind! (that's how we ended up with fatcat, btw!)


  8. Yes, I vote for a Karmic ass-kicking. The sooner the better.
    I have a real problem with people who won't take responsibility for their pets. This girl needs to grow up, and fast.


  9. Ugh. Seriously. I agree with getting your furniture out of there quickly. Just to make sure nothing disappears. Good luck..


  10. ooooKitteh is a little boy.If he is abandoned, I think I just get another cat.Was thinking I might drop off tenant, though.But Lurker's point is correct – the shelter people shouldn't have to cope….And I think the whole moving thing is Karma on the hoof: she hadn't planned on moving, but new roommate is flaking out on her,Will make furniture thing happen – it's just that it was a bit of a surprise to see it there.And I am annoyed at the thought of painting.


  11. Oh Goodness… poor kitteh with a terrible kitteh momma. I would go snatch that table before it mysteriously leaves….


  12. I would go snatch that table before it mysteriously leaves….
    Or gets damaged as she moves other stuff out around it.


  13. Furniture is all okay.Kitty is staying here.Possibly brother will come later to pick him up.I'm hoping not.He's awfully happy.


  14. That's a lucky kitty to have you looking out for it.


  15. Is kitty still with you? I hope so.


  16. Kitty is still here.Curled up next to me, in fact.Have fingers crossed that they will just let him be, cos he is quite happy with things just now.(He's got HUGE feets, and an extremely poofy tail.)


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