Gee, now I really feel a whole lot better


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  1. OK, now I need a [drink/drug/massage/nap] 😉


  2. Not to mention slicer/dicer, better vacuum cleaner and something to stop drafts under the door.Anything, to make it all better


  3. I tried. I really tried. I just … couldn't…. make it.


  4. I didn't make it all the way through til the third try.But I feel as if I will never whine again.(Or, realistically, not today…)


  5. I'll whine about all those items costing at least $19.95 each


  6. But at least they aren't $20.


  7. Fine…shipping and handling push them over $20


  8. Gee, somebody's looking at this glass as half empty….Me, I am going to make it all better by buying something.Then it will fix everything and my life will be good.


  9. But if you buy one thing, you probably won't be satisfied. You need more stuff! Your credit card will cry out in pain but you will still feel like you need to buy more until you have all the gadgets that will make your life easy and worthwhile


  10. Heehee!!! I like when they hold up the colon by tongs!!! This is your colon!Hey! Put that back!Phooey! I love my middle age spread and my lumps and blimps. So screw them!


  11. Dang, the link seems to be just gone.
    Can’t find it now during the great vox migration.
    Can’t bear to leave it behind on the ice flow, so I’ll just carry along the empty link.


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