Not again…..sigh

I'm back to hawking the place on Craigslist:

Looks okay to me.
(I mean, the photo sucks, but I have to go get some new ones anyway.)
It's fairly private back there.
Cats legal, free private laundry downstairs,  easy walk to campus.


But no stainless steel in there, or granite.

Out back unit tenant just gave notice that she's leaving October 1st.
(I'll fudge the 30 day bit for her, cos I know money is an issue, and she can't manage paying double rent.)
The annoying thing is that if she'd done this as of September 1st, life would be ever so much easier, and I would be getting in a graduate student or two who would stay put a couple of years.
Prolly with a cat.
But the term's already begun, and most people are settled in by now.
Not entirely sure why current kid is leaving, but I think it was roommate meltdown.
Or discovering the water bill.
(She somehow had managed not to realize it needed to be paid, and the water company has only just started going after her.)
She's all apologetic and helpful about it all
But still.


So I'm just getting the first nibbles, and they are all people who won't want it.
Professional couples who will want their stainless steel whatsies.
The husbands will all kick the metaphorical tires of the place and demonstrate their care for their spouse by being douches about it.
Ya know, just say no and go away – I'm sorry your king-sized bed and monster tv won't fit in the bedroom, but you don't need to treat it as a personal affront.

And the rest will be desperate people I won't want.
If I set up Section 8 on the apartment they will never leave.
Because there aren't enough Section 8 units, and they won't be able to afford to leave
So they will stay there forever.
Re-adjusting rents in Berkeley only happens between tenants, except for tiny, tiny cost-of-iving increases set by the city.
So you want the place to turn over every so often so you can do a reality check with where rents are now.
Especially since I have it already listed at the low end for Berkeley – cos I want students.
And already a little lower than that – cos the economy sucks.
And cos I am looking for tenants in OCTOBER.

And, worst of all.

Baby cat will be moving too.
(Curtains stay, though)


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17 responses to this post.

  1. Boo. This is not good. :(I would move in there if I weren't in Michigan! And I would bring six cats! :)(not leaving hubby, I would just love to have somewhere to myself now and then!)


  2. With such a heavy student pop., I don't think you'll have any trouble. There's always transfers, latecomers, and people like the one who's leaving–roommate problems etc.


  3. p.s Is someone staying while the other person is going? couldn't they help find someone?


  4. It's so cute! I'd have loved that place, it looks nicer than any place I'd ever rented.
    Good luck, I hope your rental woes end quickly and happily.


  5. There was a weird thing in August, when her initial roommate left.I'd thought it was just roommate shuffling, until I ran into the departing kid.She said original kid said she was leaving, and so she arranged to leave too.But then first kid didn't move.Which seemed weird.(Moving kid thought it was strange, and seemed a bit hurt. As I would be.)But there was some glitch with new moving in roommate.So September rent was late.And was all from tenant – no new person check.And now she's moving.So I think there was a glitch.Yeah, we will just wait for the right person to show up.Things shift.And since they live in our backyard, we're picky.


  6. I think it'll work out fine. There will always be the students stranded after their first living arrangement doesn't go well. I think the lack of stainless steel, granite and its modest size will repel ungrateful people so that's good.


  7. I think the kitchen's cute and I would love to have my own personal laundry, but Chicago and Berkeley really aren't close…drat.


  8. Good luck…I know you'll find someone. Just keep thinking that you will. As crazy and stupid as that sounds, if you believe it will happen, the right person will show up.


  9. Someone else must be having roommate drama — or certainly will by Oct. 1.We'll miss baby cat, but maybe he'll be happier somewhere where he can't see your herd romping. And maybe another indoor-outdoor kitteh will join.No Section 8. Ever. Esp. not that close.It's cute.(Is it wrong that the first thing I thought upon seeing this was "oh, will the little yearning kitty have to move?")


  10. Is it wrong that I'm thinking.KITTY MOVING!NOES!!!!!!Oh, and nice kid too.


  11. This sucks, but I was still hoping for a pirate like Arrrrhhh… instead of a plain sigh.


  12. Well…It's annoying, but she's a nice kid.So while I sorta want to yell at her(couldn't you have done this a MONTH ago!!!) she's all harmless and gormless and all.So it's sigh time mostly.


  13. Aw. Oh well…good luck!


  14. Good luck. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.


  15. I'd love to have somewhere to crash in Berkeley… and I still basically act/dress like a student… but it's a 12-hour plane flight, and I don't have the money. 😦
    Hope you find someone suitable.


  16. Looks a really cool place! Wouldn't mind it myself. Students are a good choice and no doubt you'll find some.


  17. Well, we're getting lots of nibbles, but nothing that feels right.Maybe seeing them in person will help.Or maybe it will just be a long haul….


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