He’s Posting Again – Yay!!!

I have no idea what all he’s talking about, but this guy posts the most incredible photographs of Japan.

EDIT – no idea where he went to in the Great Upheaval. Sigh

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  1. omg. great photos. thanks for the blogger


  2. do you know how to create a link on vox?


  3. Meant to do it, but I'm fighting a headache, so I was keeping things simple.(I'm at the post-excedrin, fingers-crossed waiting to see if it will go away stage.)I may go in and edit it later.(Wandering off to find maybe some cold water to see if that helps….)


  4. Those are some very interesting pictures. I love the ones of the wilderness scenes down near the bottom. Awesome.


  5. It's really changed how I think of Japan.I always thought of it as basically urban, and here's all this wilderness.


  6. There are some really fantastic places out ther eto see. I recall another Japanese VOX blogger who took photos and they were simply stunning in beauty also.


  7. @lauowolf – "I always thought of it as basically urban" … quite the contrary. there are hideous metropolitan sprawls, particularly in the Kanto region of Honshu; however, there's abundant greenery, mountainous areas and seashores stretching from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. (And I'll be honest, speaking as one with a photographer's eye who also lived in Japan, the pictures at the site aren't that good.)


  8. I think for me it's just seeing that other Japan that is so great.


  9. In that case, please enjoy the spectacular photographs here.


  10. whoops, I meant here. (the previous link leads to only a subset of his Japan work.)


  11. ooooonice stuff


  12. yes. it's accurate and fair to heap praises where genuine talents and gifts lie …


  13. Those photos are great


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