And this is why My Mayor sucks (excuse my language)

"Berkeley officials seek to block petition drive

Berkeley may take great pride as a champion of free speech and civil
rights, but an unusual campaign has been under way – led by most of the
city's top elected officials – to stop residents from signing a
citizen's petition.

Opposing a petition, in this case asking for a public vote on a
controversial downtown development plan, might not be unusual in many
cities. But in Berkeley, which promotes extensive citizen involvement
in city affairs, the campaign has provoked some unusual arguments.

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8 responses to this post.

  1. You should have told him only Republicans stalk people in the streets yelling at them like a jackass, so clearly it was he who was the Republican ;)That's just rude of him.


  2. That has to be one of th scuzziest jobs around… "What did you do at work today, dear?" "I bullied random citizens who were trying to sign a petition." Ew.


  3. Did I mention that I hate gubbermint? Almost every little bit of it. Paying people to bully others, Sheesh. What has the world come to. Just look at the discussions on health care reform. Damn shame…


  4. That's just so wrong. Isn't what he's doing also against the first amendment? Ugh, I'm with Kzinti. I hate teh government. I bet the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves with all the corruption going on these days


  5. What gets me is that they keep pulling the same bait and switch, claiming there'll be moderate or low-cost housing.So if you're against them you're being all NIMBY.Then when they finish the project they've somehow gotten permission to do things differently and the low-cost housing isn't there.Or isn't actually low.We had tenants who had checked it out.The rent we charged was lower than what they'd have paid for subsidized housing.And, I say so myself, the apartment is nicer.And the community concerns they were supposed to be respecting aren't addressed after all.They did a big project where they took over a building with a beloved local business – the Fine Arts Theater.Repertory film place where Pauline Kael got her start.Basically got the city to eminent domain it, but swore they would preserve it in the final planWell….They put in a small theater space which remains empty because they managed to evade their agreements and charge an astonomical rentNo more Fine Arts.'S alright.They named the apartment building after it.Did the same thing with Gaia, which used to be a great new age, wicca supply business.Again, they named the building for it.And both of those already have lots of vacant, overpriced apartments.(Not to mention the "Library Gardens" and "Stadium Whatever"We've had lots of development already. It's like when you were in elementary school, and there was some little thug who just loved to pull the chair out from under people.You know he's just going to do it again.Oh, and NIMBY?I live southside.A block from a halfway house in one direction, and from a woman's shelter in the other.There's a marijuana store two blocks up.And an abandoned house on the block.So just what is it I'm supposed to be getting snotty about?Oh, and did I mention that they provide totally minimal parking?The argument is that they build along major transit corridors, and if there isn't parking, people will use transit.This makes them green.(And, and, and….. I guess that's enough rant for now.)


  6. We're here from the gubbermint, we're here to help… <scream>


  7. Horrible. I am about at the end of my rope with government. And my job. And just about everything else I can think of. 😛


  8. I have to admit that when I look at my rope, I don't have that much of it in hand either, as it were.


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