Some New Cats in the ‘Hood

Well, there are the Feral Brothers:

Loper, short for Interloper.
Here he has had regular meals for about two weeks, so you can't quite make out every rib anymore.
I am allowed to come within about three feet of him in order to put down a plate of food.
And he knows his name.

And I can give him catnip too.

His even more feral brother (I think) only steals food when he thinks I can't see.
I hope he is stealing more than I am seeing.
We think of him as Toby.

Our cats really don't mind them at all.
Wofie and Sisko will have nothing to do with each other, and if they meet face to face immediately start with the Cat Opera.
Sisko likes Loper.
Molly really, really – I mean really – likes Loper.
She hangs out with him in the yard.
And comes up to eat with him.
He lets her eat first, and sits and watches, doting.
Our theory is he doesn't know she's neutered, and is waiting.
The plan is to see if the Fix Our Ferals people will help trap and fix the Brothers.
(Mostly I just don't want the boys to think I had anything to do with it….)

Oh, and there is this guy too.

That's the back apartment window.
Nikki isn't allowed out, but he wants to come play with the big guys out back.

My own guys are all thriving, except Silmi whose years seem to be catching up with her.

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13 responses to this post.

  1. poor Nikki, I bet his Mummy has him on a strict diet for his allergies, and he can't run around due to his asthma,lol.
    You are very kind to look after homeless cats 🙂


  2. We don't like ribs on kitnz. It's a harmonious little compound now! Interloper must have stolen hearts before and knows how to treat the ladies.


  3. Kittehskittehskittehs! I'm glad they've found you to look after them


  4. You are good people. The cats are lucky to have you.


  5. He's put on a little weight, and now only looks excessively thin.(His tail was skinny. That's just wrong.)We have a history of black and white guys wandering in from Blake Street – that's where Motley came from.And Toby gets in on the family pass.I think Toby is definitely a feral.Loper… there are possibilities.He watches when we pat Molly, and looks intrigued.he is very glossy, and from four feet away he looks like fur on iron.All the new kitty he has added is solid muscle.Nikki got out for an afternoon and picked up a flea and got stuff – lots of stuff – caught in his ridiculous fur.His mom didn't approve.So if I'm in the backyard, he's climbing the screen, squeeking at me.Or at the other cats.Sigh.It's the backyard apartment. I have a key. It would be WRONG.(Sair, though, suggests that if we thought we smelled smoke, we'd have to let our selves in. And having done so, at the very least, we'd have to comfort the boy for intruding on him.)soooooo tempting.("squeek")


  6. Funny, I'd been thinking of you and how you hadn't been around much on Vox … then there you are!


  7. It's been a crazy summer.I'm hoping to get more organized once I get this danged apartment (not Nikki's, the other) rented out.Meanwhile it's been a lot of fussing.


  8. summer's soon over, can ya believe it?!


  9. impossible.


  10. I am so happy for the Feral Brothers. Two more kitties fed and loved, even if from afar. It makes the Universe a better place! 🙂


  11. Loper is obviously a relative of TK and Daddy Moo and the gang.Love the Nikki yearning.


  12. We'll have to wait to see how he looks when he's all fed for a couple of months.I'm thinking he may have definite Moo-ambitions, but he's still sorta tadpole shaped now: big head and the rest of him skinny.Nikki sits in the window and sings to the kitties.Poor baby.


  13. I love kitty singing! Nikki needs to be leash-trained if his person doesn't want him running free. We did that with Previous Kitty and my childhood cat.Moo's gotten skinny before, but he fills out when he can. My skinny sleek little TK is FAT now — I can't feel his ribs. So I feel confident that Loper will catch up to his head. Esp. if he gets fixed.


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