Because it is Italian

It can’t be camp.
Italians don’t do camp, according to Sair’s TA.*

(The song basically says the veggies were all lonely until they met Parmigino Reggiano. Now it’s love.)
Her TA left the room singing it.

*who is taking intensive Italian this summer.

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  1. Posted by a on July 2, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    [ciò è buono]


  2. A definite earworm thing.I have been humming it.


  3. the sound of Italian, molto bello, music to my ears. (no pun intended.)


  4. But ees truth…


  5. Kind of make you want to be a vegetable.


  6. "La cena e niente…" senza parmiggiano. Lalala Pa-Parmiggiano. Yes, as an earworm it works quite well.No one is as unashamedly dramatic as the Italians. And you're right, it's not campy. It's like a vegetable musical/opera,done to the hilt. Ya gotta love it (not that I'm biased or anything…).


  7. I still wanna see the rest of the show, what HAPPENS to the Parmiggiano and the Vegetables after they get together? Do their families approve? Will there be some sort of epic, West Side Story style duel between the Tomatoes and the Garlic? I MUST KNOW!!!!! *coughs*


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