And because I promised

here are some photos from SF Pride.

First, here is Sair.
She is quite cheerful, all things considered.
She just caught someone with his hand in her bag.
Poor guy, nothing in there but a book.
But sorta annoying all the same.

That is a mango on a stick.
It was yummy, but I ended up eating it.
Sair had just had icky gum surgery and was still on vicodin for the two big wounds in her mouth, poor babe.
Mango was not as soft as it might have been.
(She has impeccable dental hygiene, but lousy genes, and so has thin and fragile gums. Surgery takes tissue off the roof of her mouth and grafts it over her lower teeth. Ick. Ick. Ouch.)
So we had a short day of it.

This is me with something else yummy, but I forget what.
(The flower thingy in hair was Sair's idea.)

Here's Tom with Sair, looking distracted.
And speaking of yummy, there were these folk.

They had samples.

Sair was actually still sorta post op and in pain, so we mostly came over on Bart, looked about, and got home again.
Next year, though, will be more fun.

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  1. I feel Sair's dental pain. (I too have impeccable dental hygiene and lousy genes so my heart goes out to her.) That's way young to be enduring/suffering through gum grafts. I'm glad she was able to get it taken care of. The man with the hand in the bag: not right. Creepy.


  2. Part of my pain in watching her hurt is that I have just lovely gums.And although I treat them well now, I went for years basically being a dental bum.And she is sooooo good about it all, and her gums are just awful.This is actually her second procedure, and she's probably looking at more in the next few years.We're trying to get on it proactively, while she's on our dental plan, and while her teeth are still good.Yes, she's really young to be going through all this.Hand in bag went really fast.There and gone.Very glad there was nothing to be had.But, dang, not the way to begin a day.


  3. You know, it's the same with my sister and mother. Both do the basic dental hygiene, i.e., brush once a day/floss, and it's headline news if either gets a cavity. I, on the other hand, tend to dental hygiene at 10,000 times that level and still spend a lifetime in the chair! It's all in the genes (paternal in this case). I've never known differently so I live with it of course; the differences, though, are striking. So yes, the more care she can give them now — and stay the course — the better when she's older. Yech. Still creeped out by the hand in bag.


  4. Just loving Tom's floppy hat there. Awesomeness…


  5. Looks like a fun day (except for Sair's gums). I am still giggling at the Bette Cocker cakes. That's excellent.


  6. Yikes – I've heard that particular surgery is nasty, with the area where the tissue is removed being the worst. I've heard dentists urge patients to do practically anything to avoid that surgery. At least she's getting it done now and it'll be over with. Poor her!
    I think this is the first pic I've seen of Tom, yet oddly enough, I knew it was him before I even saw what you wrote.
    Glad it was a fun, albeit short, time.


  7. Yeah, she'd had a little one done before.There was a little frenum (vocab for the day) tugging the gum away from her upper canines.So they patched tiny bits in to relieve the tension.And that was icky, but really not too bad.Didn't need the heavy duty stuff at all.This one, though, is just plain Bad.We're down to lots of ibuprofen, after 9 days, but she still knows right when the dose is used up.It's still under a dressing, so I have no idea what is going on in there.


  8. I hope she's feeling much better – I've had the same surgery and it is *no* fun… (I think the healing is actually the worst part.)


  9. Such fun! Down here it would be a deep fried mango on a stick,lol.
    "Flowers in her hair… everywhere.." That's our San Fran girl. Right from the Haight.
    I bet there were many things to see at SF Pride.


  10. Well we need a this is good and bad both. Looks like fun except for the guy with his hand in her bag and the dental probs.


  11. I think with SF and London and New York I'm turning (more of) a city girl. lol, when your first reaction to someone hanging that close isn't "huh" but "Get your hand outa my bag, a-hole" you know that you're really growing up ^^''


  12. It was basically really fine.And Sair had spent a year off in London – walking through Kings Cross station on the way to class.So although she had a loose bag with her, it wasn't where anything interesting was.But it was creepy.And mostly we had a great time, just that the roof of the mouth bit was really, really tender – even with the meds – because the surgical dressing had just come off.(There is still a dressing over the grafted on bit. Scary.)But there were happy crowds and pretty people.What struck me, though, was a high percentage of basically tourist folk.I guess it's a good sign.They seemed friendly rather than just gawking.Still thinking about it.


  13. Ooooh, ouchie! Too bad she couldn't eat the mango. More for you, lol. Other than a strange hand in Sair's bag, it sounds like a pretty good day


  14. I'm a small town yokel, but I actually felt a lot "safer" in SF than I do in London. I can't explain that… maybe it's just because I was on holiday… or because all the rainbow flags make it look so darn cheerful? I was there during the time of the Pride Parade, back in '01, but didn't get to many events or anything. I was stood in a tiny book shop the day Armistead Maupin turned up to do a signing though… that was pretty cool and random.


  15. Mostly SF is pretty safe.I mean, this has never happened to me before.It was right as she came out of the BART station, in a crowd.Classic pickpocket situation.(Tho, at the periodontist's office building, in the elevator, there is a sign with a shifty-looking fellow's picture with a peaked hat, all in black, warning against pickpockets. Looks sorta like the Spy vs Spy guy.There's never anyone else in the elevator.)


  16. Well, as a general rule of thumb, you should never trust men who wear hats indoors anyway… unless they're firefighters…


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