Hotel – utterly fab

Sair, imbibing morning cappuccino.
Lots of random artwork on walls.

A little better, after caffeine.
Rolls, jam and honey, yogurt, cereals.. yummy, but light, breakfast.

Garden in back turns into restaurant at night.
Best dinner on whole trip.
(Grilled baby artichokes, panne cotta with burnt-orange sauce….  sigh)

Upstairs hall,  Sair in snazzy Italian dress.

All walked out.
Didn't quite make it into the room that time.

Could have collapsed here instead.

Artwork in room.

And this.

Ready to move along.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Hi!!!!! Wow how lovely and amazing!!looks like a supertrip!!!!!!!!


  2. I'm really enjoying your trip!


  3. looks like everyone's having fun! how old's the daughter?


  4. Sair's nineteen.Which continues to amaze me.Though, of course, since she's my daughter you have to realize that she will always really be four years old in my head.(What kind of heartless beast sends her four year-old off to London alone??? I am a Bad Mother.)


  5. hahaha. she looks young for her age. or maybe it's just my old-lady vision.


  6. What the hay?!? It's June something or other and I just found this. I'm glad I didn't miss it completely!!!Great pics! What an awesome trip!I loved breakfast in France. Bread, bread and more bread.


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