And random utterly neat stuff

Like the only walking-around cat we saw.
Out on Murano.
We stopped to pat him.
He nipped.
(I am not here to accommodate your needs, mad tourist lady.)

There was, though, this tile of a kitty, just down the street from us.

Sair's scary glass ring, from Murano.

Fitted fingerless leather gloves.
In sizes.
You do not see the raspberry pink pair.
Because we bought them.
(Flute players frequently rehearse in inadequately heated places..

We were sitting in a nearby cafe when this lady arrived with a small band of friends, all singing and clapping, who all came in for a brief round, and then took off again, off to the next stop.

The detail is better here.
Those are strings of uncooked sausages around her neck.
And the funnel had something to do with wine….

After they left I managed to ask the nice waiter about it.
(Basically I ask in my sorta Italian, and he answers in his sorta English, and we are both perfectly happy.)
Questa donna, che fa?
She has completed her school.
Beats black robe and mortar-board anyday.

Oh and this.

Scary Wolf-Lady from airport ad.


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15 responses to this post.

  1. I love that ring! The gloves sound gorgeous too.


  2. you have been taking some great shots – what was lady wolf advertising anyway?


  3. All these pictures are just so great. I have never been overseas and would really like to take my daughter over someday soon.


  4. Not sure that I remember… phone service? mineral water?I'll ask Sair.


  5. What great pix, lw! I love checking up on what you've posted, even if I don't always comment. Thanks for bringing us along with you.


  6. how fun!! you've stimulated my appetite for Europe again. (just not Italy, you know). ohhh, i'd love those leather gloves! and in such a rainbow of colors too!


  7. We were just knocked out by them.(Gloves, in sizes, who knew?)Yes, I am hungry for more travel now.


  8. Posted by G on May 2, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    The scary lady is a reference to Rome. Who was supposedly founded by two twins who were raised by a she-wolf. Romolus and Remus if I recall right (too lazy to google their spelling).
    Anyway that's why the she-wolf is a symbol for Rome.


  9. Yeah, I know the Romulus and Remus stuff.What I don't know is why this scary chick was on a poster.Think it may have been phone service…


  10. I like the kitteh pics are the best! 😀


  11. It's like a totally different world………..lovely, amazing, fun, funny…WOW!!cats are cats everywhere, it seems…You're so nice to share these with us!


  12. Some of it is I am trying to hang onto the experience as long as I can.


  13. Yes….that works.


  14. There were tons of cats in France. The "strays" that had learned to live off begging were extremely friendly. They knew how to get the snacks! Just great pics! I love the ring that Sair got!


  15. If I remember correctly the scary wolf-mother-lady was in an ad for coffee or a coffee maker or something– because, you know, there's nothing like a good cuppa the black stuff to give you enough energy to nurse your cubs. <<''


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