And there are canals

No, we didn't do a gondola.

This is the view out the hotel room window.

She was taking these nice people somewhere, just down the block from us.

These guys were also nearby, with a sort of beach, to pull the boats up and work on them.

There are steps going down to the water.
Or up out from it.

And off in the distance, the sea.

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11 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, inCREDible!And I see that I have a whole bunch of posts to check out before this one…..hooray!How completely amazing! 🙂


  2. It's easy to understand why people fall in love with Venice. Not to break the spell but do the canals smell like is said?


  3. NOThey are tidal.They have currents like rivers.There are minnows.And crabs.Slightly oceany scent it all


  4. the only gondola I've ridden in are the ones in Vegas.but there is singing, and the water's clean, and you can't drown, and the airfare is cheaper.


  5. I did a gondola! It was fun, but did make me (and Husband) feel very touristy. And my friend Simon proposed to his wife in a gondola – how fucking romantic is that!The canals do smell, but only in high summer (August is the time to avoid, apparently). I love Venice. I have promised myself that we will go again. Now I have a digital camera…


  6. Oh now stop it, Lauo. You're just too cruel.


  7. I did have the feeling that mid-March was a swell time to be there.Mostly we just didn't go where the crowds were, but even when we did they weren't that bad.And everything was blooming like mad.And the city was filled with bird song.We're thinking next time, when we take Tom along, we do a Gondola, and ask to go along the back ways.The gondolas on the Grand Canal seemed a little overwhelmed by the vaporetti and the water taxis.


  8. It's pretty gorgeous.


  9. O my goodness it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!


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