We went to Bath

They had water

You have to imagine that I had managed to get the picture to rotate, because those are little bubbles, where the water is coming up from underground.
(I did try to rotate it for you, but it would not cooperate)
Unlike the local hotsprings in California, it didn't stink at all.

It had ducks dating in it.
Further along, where it was a little cooler.

And a surprisingly swell museum of all the bits and pieces they found.

We went to the fancy shamncy spa and swam in the Duck-Free rooftop heated swimming pool.
With sunsets, and Abbey rooftops, and flying birds and clouds.
But I didn't think they wanted cameras up there, so you just have to imagine how really fairly yummy it was.
And they had scented steam baths too.
We will be back.

I assume these guys were for Easter (?).

There were shopping opportunities.

And tea and other drinkables.

And it was all very, very British.

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10 responses to this post.

  1. You make me so envious. I was there long ago, and I took photo after photo of the Royal Crescent and the ducks and the abbey with the angels climbing to the very top.


  2. I love Bath. I lived in England for almost a year and went down for day trips a bunch of times. I found great miniatures for my mom at a dollhouse shop there, really beautiful little things.


  3. The shopping was scary.I mostly don't buy stuff, but – oh my.I could damage myself there, very easily.


  4. For photo rotation, try the freeware program Irfanview… It's great. And free!!


  5. I'd thought I'd done in on my desktop, but then when I moved it to vox, it just swung back around.pooh.if I had more patience, I could make it work.(may go look at your program anyway…)


  6. Isn't there a button here on VOX that rotates pictures? I'm sure I've used it. I had to rotate 3 or 4 times, but eventually it worked.Mexican pasties are just WRONG.I ❤ Bath. Only had a day there, but went to the Roman bits and the Pump Room. One must "take the waters" (once — pleh). We could have stayed a couple of hours longer but the credit card was screaming already.


  7. British Mexican pastries to boot.Double wrong.I think the spa thing is relatively new.and crowded on the weekendbut not quite in full tourist season, midweek, wasn't bad


  8. Is the the 2nd visit? 3rd now?So glad you loved it. Sair is beautiful.Bittersweet how the olde countrye awakens in our hearts the dreamy, castled, slightly mad traces of our origins, no matter where you're from.


  9. Never been to England, neither had the desire, but I have friends who have several times and they *looooooove* Bath, it's their favorite.


  10. *sigh* I really need to stowaway in your suitcase next time


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