And we went to Kew Gardens

Because it was spring.

You go through a scenic passover, if you get off the wrong side of the station.

And then there are lots of conservatories.
I mean, I think Their Majesties get bored, and say, "Oh, what say I build another conservatory, over at Kew?"
So they do.

And there are random statues scattered about too.

And many photo opportunities.

There are flowers too.

I had a sausage roll.
Food Of The Gods.

Their tea rooms were all full of squalling infants.
So we hopped on the Tube, and went to the National Gallery cafe, and had The Best Cream Tea Ever.
That is a jar of the best raspberry jam in the world.
And that huge blob on the side of the scone is clotted cream.
You see, you put the jam on the scone, and then some cream…
(eyes glaze over)
Oh, and there's tea with it too.

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16 responses to this post.

  1. Lubley Jubley as my friend Mary used to say. She's a Londoner. What a fantastic trip you are having. Sair looks totally herself and happy.


  2. I'm back now, sigh.It was monstrously fun.I'll get into some Italy photos tomorrow.


  3. What a gorgeous young lady!!!! Lauo, she has your lovely smile and beautiful thick hair. What a doll! (this has nothing to do with the raspberry jelly on the table!) hehe!


  4. Ooooh, I want some clotted cream now. Yum yum yum! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!


  5. have to have tea, scone and jam as well…no point in doing things half way.


  6. ooooh, I miss clotted cream… 'scuse my while my tastebuds and arteries disagree…Sair is so cute!


  7. raspberry jam makes everything better


  8. True…except that clotted cream looks good enough to eat straight with a spoon!


  9. we were agreeing that it's a good thing the cafe is nowhere near her is, it's dangerous enough just five stations away.yeah, she makes a good addition to a landscape.


  10. Oh, I loved Kew! (saw it in June 1988, far too long ago) Did you see the giant lilypads??? They're amazing. I loved the sign "Do not walk on the lilypads".
    I'll have the scone plain please (I'm behaving myself…) and I'll just drool over everyone else's jam and clotted cream… 😉 slurrrrrrppppp…


  11. I'll pass on the clotted cream – the scones and tea look and sound delish!


  12. Sair is so pretty!And I WANT that bun with clotted cream. Grrrr.


  13. Hehe! I thought I would talk you out of the razzlebearz jammit!
    Did Sair get a new do? I love it! I'm thinking about going "short" and my hair is very wavy. I like this cut. I hate styling gels and gooey stuff in my hair. This might work for me.


  14. She took her nail scissors to it one morning.She says it is great fun this short…dries in no time.And lets her see what the hair had always been trying to do – which is basically go in about ten different directions.


  15. There you go! If you can't get your hair to act right….CONFUSE it! 😉
    (never tease it, though!)


  16. These are great!


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