Well, would you?

Would You Eat Your Buddies in a Blizzard?

Relax, my results are oddly benign.

I suspect it was the having been a vegetarian that brought down the odds.
(Have they forgotten about Hitler?)
Oh, and the blood making me faint.
I'm starting to sound like an eatee rather than an eater to myself now.

Strangely enough, this quiz is from a dating service page.
Makes you think a bit.
It really must be a jungle out there.

Same site offers The Death Report,  While You Were Entering This World, Who Was Departing?


It comes complete with a list of the natural disasters of the year.
(The Great Flood of 1951 and Mount Lamington, fyi)
And a list of people over the years who died on your birthday.
Amongst a slew of folks I've never heard of, I get these guys.

2004 Jacques Derrida
1982 Fernando Lamas
1869 Franklin Pierce
1754 Henry Fielding

Complete randomly morbid WIN.
This dating site utterly rules.
If I were looking, I would simply have to be looking here.*

*"Find someone as Awesome as You Are" 
And, presumably, someone equivalently likely to eat/not eat their companions — unless maybe it would be better to match up in eater/eatee pairs.

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18 responses to this post.

  1. Depends what kind of condiments I had with me at the time really…


  2. Only if they taste like Reeses.


  3. ROTFL!!!! Remind me to stay away from YOU on snowy days while eating a Reeses!


  4. I can't believe it's 35%!!!!! YIKES! I would have a hard time eating liver or anchovies if I was starving. And this is from a dating site??!!!! I'm skeert to click the link.


  5. Heeeee……..*grabs a Reeses and runs*


  6. Don't start hanging out with me. I'm 59% likely to eat you. 😛
    Though I did cheat on the vegetarian question – I spent half my life vegetarian, but only because my family was. I don't see that counts, since as soon as I left home, I started eating meat. Nice raw bloody meat right off of the thigh… I mean … uh…


  7. I'm 57%, which seemed low to me, because whenever I'm sitting on a plane, I look at the most annoying person around me and think, "If this plane crashes, s/he's the first one we eat."


  8. Yes, overall, I'm thinking their estimates are low.Which makes me wonder about their dating choices."This one's only 40% likely to be a serial killer–you two will get along fine!"


  9. As long as you aren't taking experimental nibbles, you're probably going to be below 75% — they seem skewed low.


  10. Should I be disturbed by how many of my neighbors consider this to be a question of not if but how?Debate: served with Reese's or catsup?(And if you have Reese's and catsup, why are you starving?)


  11. Reeses + Catsup = *gag*To be honest, I'm terrified of prion infestation.I guess I'd starve. Reeses or not.


  12. Reese's or catsup?
    Barbecue sauce.


  13. What?Are you implying that I am not healthy enough to be cannibalized?I think I'm insulted…. walks away muttering to self…(Actually, I've pretty much given up beef myself, same reason.)


  14. Wait a minute…If I've given up beef, that makes me a better mealOpps!But the vegetarians should be safe eating too…


  15. LOL…no…I'm just a VERY cautious eater!I try not to eat meat anymore. It freaks me out too much on too may levels. Still not meat-free, but getting there.


  16. I'm only 39%. Perhaps I'd be concerned if the victim was Kosher or not. "That depends how we kill him, sir."


  17. And how we prepare the meal as well.


  18. I have to tell you that if they were already dead and it looked grim, I'd do it. I don't have to take a quiz. I would. Sad, but true.


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