From the BBC (Scotland):

Safe haven plan for red squirrels

Nearly 400 squares miles of Scottish forest could soon be set aside as safe havens for red squirrels.

Plans have been announced for 18 "strongholds" providing ideal conditions for the red variety.

conifers preferred by reds would be retained with favourite food
sources for rival greys – such as oak, beech, chestnut and hazel trees
– restricted.

Greys venturing into the safe havens would be trapped under the Forestry Commission Scotland initiative. 


These are your basic cute fuzzy Beatrix Potter squirrels, as opposed to your nasty imported North American gangster thug squirrels.

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  1. I read a story on NYT a while ago about how grey squirrel meat is increasingly popular in Britain because they don't want to waste all the grey squirrels they're killing off. Just avoid eating the brains.


  2. Here's the article permalink: sure if you can see it without logging on.


  3. I love the little red squirrels and I know we have to get rid of the grey thugs…but it isn't really their fault. They didn't pack their bags and take a package holiday to Britain only to decide to stay and eat fish and chips for ever!!! Once again man strikes again.


  4. All the snail in my Berkeley California garden are there because some idiot imported them.Thought he'd set up to do edible snail stuff.Grrrrrr…..And it's pretty hard to stay mad at a squirrel.


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