Maybe One of You Guys Knows

What we can do with a couple of dinosaurs…

Tom's uncle had a couple of cars sitting in his garage, being babied, driven on sunny Sundays and the like.
Then he had a stroke, and his wife didn't drive, and was a complete control freak.
So the cars sat there, untouched, until she died.
Which is about fifteen years, all told.

So obviously they aren't going anywhere on their own any more.

But they are cars some people might like: a 1974 Buick Sedan, a 1963 Cadilliac.


And except for the FAIL part of leaving them there to decay, they are in great shape.
Seems to me that someone, somewhere wants these suckers for their gorgeous dashboards and such.
And we want the garage.


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8 responses to this post.

  1. Surely you'd sell them easily! My husband would love them because I'm sure he was an american in another life and I'm sure he'd love to be one in this life. And all because of the cars.


  2. well, they aren't capable of moving at this point, but they aren't really totally junkers either.hmmm.


  3. hi!! If you can't sell them (but I'm betting that you can!!!), then you might be able to donate them to a place that teaches people how to work on cars. Our neighbors did that. A vo-tech school took two cars from them.They're TERRIFIC years tho. Surely someone will be interested, if only to cannibalize them!(sorry, sounds awful…)


  4. I've heard that Salvation Army takes cars and will come pick them up. Also, you could donate them to your local PBS station for a tax write-off. Sal.Army would be a tax write off too.


  5. well it should not take much to get them going. I let a 1970 truck sit for 5 years and in an afternoon's work had it working. The older cars can take that type of abuse. I do have some a couple of friends in the bay area which like cars so I could ask. What model is the Caddy?


  6. It is a Cadillac DaVille Park Avenue, 1963 4 door hardtop…


  7. CRAIG'S LIST! Okay. No. Fine. Ermm. The BBT raffle?


  8. The Raffle!Brilliant!!!!!!!Maybe there's still time to stick it in the Silent Auction at the Talent Show!!!


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