Elk gets a chair stuck to its antlers after visiting a bar

I mean, what do I add to this?

Clearly, one of those days.

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15 responses to this post.

  1. I wonder if he was drinking some Moosehead.


  2. With me, its usually traffic cones…


  3. Jeez. it is an amusing sight; still, i can't help but be concerned for the animal. I'm wondering how s/he ended up in a bar. Without ID.


  4. Fake ids are so easy to get….I think they are trying to get it off her.


  5. Wescoatt said residents believe the elk picked up the stool during a visit to the Brush Creek Saloon or the Dusty Boot Saloon.coulda been either..


  6. Maybe it just had trouble standing after it had a few, and decided to bring its own stool.


  7. Maybe he got his stool pushed in… Or it was some kind of stool sample… Or maybe he wanted to be a stoolie…


  8. So cute! No human can look that cute with a barstool stuck on his head.


  9. So true.Replace elk with frat boy and my sympathy vanishes!


  10. BTW you guys are all just awful.Something about an elk with a barstool on its head just seems to bring out the worst in you….


  11. not me! i expressed concern for the animal. and the bar, which could face trouble for permitting entry without an ID.


  12. that's right.you are the good kid!the rest of these guys, though…


  13. Seriously though… Is this one of those new things, like things on a cat? Things on an elk?


  14. I am always at the cutting edge of things


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