That meme

L needs

25 cents and 2 fingers is all L needs
L needs some post-toddler love
Yer mom knows what L needs
(together, we'll fight evil) L needs your continued support
What L needs to do is save at-risk kids
Dirty L needs a wash!
L needs your help
L needs a game
L needs you to come eat
L needs a tech makeover

and the bonus extra (true enough)

L needs to get out more

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8 responses to this post.

  1. L needs some post-toddler love. LOL


  2. Wooooohoooo these are cool! And intriguing….


  3. That one spoke to me too.


  4. And I wouldn't mind a tech makeover either.


  5. Gosh, you're not kidding!!! Me, neither; as long as someone else paid for it. .


  6. Referring to #9, what do you need me to come eat?


  7. would that tech makeover include lip plumper?


  8. "25 cents and two fingers", could be the peace sign or bunny ears, or a measure of booze is what I was really thinking. "Yeah I'll have two fingers a' Dewars on ice hea. (slaps down a quarter – looks hopefully…)This is the craziest meme ever.


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