Okay, you have GOT to watch this one


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  1. I'm nervous when stories like this come out that it'll catalyze others to think "how cute" and do likewise.


  2. that is a proper concern.these guys seem to have thought things through pretty well.but the world is never short of idiots.


  3. yes. right. if intelligent people outnumbered those who … aren't … we'd certainly live in a different world, for starters.


  4. OMG what a beautiful creature and fortunate for it to have been taken in by such a loving family.
    I supose it is always a risk to run these kind of stories because so many people try to take on a wild animal but I would think finding a baby fox would not be an easily accomplished goal although the amount of people with sugar gliders always amazes me,
    Anyway this fox is adorable.


  5. She's gorgeous! That diet of ice-cream and coffee has turned her into the sleekest fox ever.


  6. wow, what a touching story! it's so nice when critters find the loving homes they deserve.and she is beautiful. what a magnificent tail!


  7. Awwww, what a beautiful creature!


  8. I think once they have been around awhile it is wrong to try and set them free. They seem to be doing a good job.


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