And as the great ship California slowly sinks

The Republican One-Trick Pony is still performing in the Forward Lounge:

California Senate Deadlocked; Republicans Oust Leader

Schwarzenegger and Democratic lawmakers, who control both
legislative chambers, have backed a $40 billion package of tax
increases, spending cuts and bond sales to close the shortfall
through June 2010.

The package ran into opposition in the Senate, where
Republicans late yesterday ousted from the leadership Senator
Dave Cogdill of Modesto, who negotiated the agreement and
unsuccessfully sought to rally support for it within in his
party. He was replaced by Senate Dennis Hollingsworth of
Murrieta, who has criticized the tax increases….

The Senate delayed completing its vote on $14 billion of
tax increases early this morning when it appeared there was
insufficient support. The measure is the cornerstone of a budget
package worked out by Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
and leaders of the Legislature’s Democratic majority. It is at
least one Republican vote short of the two-thirds majority
needed to pass.

“We are focused on getting one more vote for the plan that
has been negotiated,” Senate President Darrell Steinberg, a
Sacramento Democrat, said in an interview after entering the
Senate this morning.

Just cos:

Standard & Poor’s on Feb. 2
cut the rating on $46 billion of California’s bonds to A from
A+, giving it the lowest credit grade of any U.S. state.


The stalemate
forced California, the most-populous U.S. state, to cut off
funding for thousands of construction projects, delay income-tax
refunds and tell 20,000 government workers that they may be

That's no reason for these dinosaurs to get off their ideological asses and join the rest of us in dealing with the catastrophe.

They are getting rid of the guy who was trying for a compromise.


I'm thinking recall elections time.

I'm thinking 2/3 vote on the state budget is lunatic.

I'm thinking our next state ballot is going to make for some very interesting reading.


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7 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, carp.I typed a wildly angry vitriolic comment and then deleted it. This situation is so bad.*frowns mightily*


  2. I'm thinking of moving.
    (not really; like any good soldier, when times get bad I just hunker down in my foxhole and wait for the firestorm to pass)


  3. I feel all whiney, like a five year-old.If Redz can have a budget, why can't we?It's Not Fair!Gonna go sulk.


  4. I'll be happy with my Girl Scout cookes, if they ever get here.
    (goes home to sit by mailbox)


  5. Girl scout cookies!(stops sulking)D'you have some of those chocolate mint ones?We can sit here and munch cookies while Rome burns.(Not sure about Arnie and a fiddle, tho.)


  6. ummmm…that ship looks really familiar 😦


  7. seen one shipwreck, you've seen em all.


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