Scary times in Oz

The word catastrophe comes to mind:

Raging wildfires kill at least 14 in Australia

SYDNEY – Walls of flame roared across southeastern Australia on
Saturday, razing scores of homes along with forests and farmland in the
sunburned country's worst wildfire disaster in a quarter century. At
least 14 people died and the toll could rise to more than 40, police

Witnesses described seeing trees
exploding and skies raining ash as some of the hottest temperatures on
record combined with raging winds to create perfect conditions for
uncontrollable blazes.

More than 30,000 firefighters were struggling Saturday night
to make headway against the largest of about a dozen fires in Victoria
state that earlier in the day ripped unchecked across at least 115
square miles (30,000 hectares) of forests, farmland and towns.

from here.

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7 responses to this post.

  1. It's TERRIBLE!! One of the artists I "watch" on RedBubble just posted pix — her house was in the middle of this stuff. . This should be the journal with pix that she took. GAH!!!!!!!


  2. 46C = 115Ffrightening stuff.Glad your friend is okay.That sky is terrible looking.


  3. Horrific. I can't even imagine.


  4. The one in Sydney was deliberatly lit. Someone – they think a local, used petrol to get it going.


  5. After living in drought-stricken deserts where sometimes a quarter of a state was on fire as well as los angeles, where fires fanned by the annual santa ana winds scorched the hills (and more than a few homes) across the basin, i'm pretty blase on this, though losing a home would be a terrible terrible thing.


  6. Thanks for posting this, laowolf. For anyone reading this and wanting to help, please go to


  7. It's awful…


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