You don’t *have* to take this as a metaphor on the economy

And people running things without a clue.

Though, I mean, you can, of course.
Or you can just enjoy it.

Hmmm… lemme see it it posts okay, cos from here it is just acting like a photo.
Vox is being poxy today.
(Or maybe it’s just that I’ve been posting things.)

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15 responses to this post.

  1. Never seen that. 'Twas silly.


  2. Bwahah! I ❤ them greatly. And Hugh Laurie was so young!!!As a metaphor for the economy, this is another way to go…And I hope that link works. I'll test it and come make repairs if it doesn't.


  3. heheActually, I think those are my tenants.


  4. yipes!Energetic bunch!


  5. A difficult to quantify group of healthy young Norwegian exchange students and their friends.


  6. I did that wrong. Here: :O


  7. Actually very sweet, and they left the place cleaner than they found it.Just fast-moving, and constantly different faces


  8. Is it bad that I srsly wish this was a real reality show? Famous people who have no idea wtf they're doin' flying airplanes > teenieboppers crying because they thought they could sing


  9. Actually, according to lady-down-the-street's boyfriend, who was a flying instructor, that really almost is a problem.You get all these conspicuous consumption types who have brought themselves a plane, and they just expect to know how to fly.Cos of being rich and all.So it's really difficult to actually teach them anything.FAIL.


  10. Just fast-moving, and constantly different faces
    Somehow, that made me imagine constantly different faces on the same bodies, but that's prolly not what you meant… … … 😉


  11. mebbe that was it


  12. Give me Stephen Fry any day of the week! Yes, I enjoyed that.Economy? What…, where?


  13. good for several chuckles!


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